Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 111

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Chapter 111

Jacob’s provocation against Grace was not taken into account at all, but rather worried: After her reckless salted fish is busy becoming the savior, who will take care of his son Derek?

Thinking that the young Derek might be coldly treated by Grace next, his heart became intensely uneasy.

After work that day, Jacob came to Boiling City with Jason. Grace opened the door and saw Jacob, the expression on her face was really indescribable.

In the morning, the two people were still arguing, why did he has the face to see her?

Jacob also gave up for his son. He crushed his morals and directly fed the dog. The powerful peachy eyes even smiled at Grace’s gentlemanly, “I miss my son, I will take the two children out. Have a meal, are you okay?”

Grace was at the door blankly.

This guy really thought he only had two sons? Faith’s glass heart was about to shatter into dregs when he ignored her daughter so hard.

Grace was very depressed, Derek suddenly ran over and said, “Daddy, take my sister, right?”

With some palpitations, Jacob looked at the Faith who was staring at him in the corner of her eyes. Can’t help but froze, is this little girl really an old enemy with him? Why do you hate him so much when you see him?

Jacob subconsciously wanted to refuse.

However, Jacob had no resistance to the soft and cute Derek, and smiled, “If her guardian allows it, Daddy won’t mind.”

Grace’s hands in her long sleeves were clenched into fists, and she wished to punch this man who was ruthlessly raging her daughter’s pride in the dark to the other side of the Pacific Ocean. But in front of the children, Grace is also very cultivated. She walked up to Faith and asked her gently, “Faith, do you want to play with your brothers?”

Faith nodded pitifully. However, in the next second, she glared anger and shook her head suddenly. “I don’t go.”

Grace gently stroked Faith’s head, holding her in her arms.

Seeing that his sister was not going, Derek turned around and ran back to the house, angrily said, “If my sister is not going, then I won’t go either.”

Jacob didn’t expect that the relationship between Derek and Faith was so inseparable that he could not help but pinched his eyebrows irritably.

Grace hugged Faith and walked in front of Jacob, and said with an aura, “Faith and her brother have never been separated since they were young. It would be cruel for them to do this. Zhan, I advise you to be human be kind, otherwise you will get bad retribution.”

Jacob said angrily, “I just invited my son to dinner with me for legitimate reasons, and you demonized me. Grace, you deliberately discredited me in front of the children?”

When Derek saw that his father and mother were quarreling, he suddenly interrupted, “War Sui, Mommy made your favorite potato dumplings today. Do you want to stay and eat with us? Mommy made more for you. One!”

Jason looked at Daddy, he wanted to stay.

Jacob had the frustration of stealing chickens and losing rice. Originally, he wanted to take Derek away, but he didn’t expect to take Jas into it. Of course, he is a businessman who is not profitable and business less. Of course, it is impossible to make a loss-making voice, and he simply said with a cheeky, “Grace. You don’t mind if we father and son stay, eat some cheap dumplings from you?”

Grace shook her head silently.

Why is this guy’s mouth so bad?

“You love to stay or not, it’s up to you.” She murmured, then turned and went into the kitchen.

She closed the kitchen door, but her heart jumped inexplicably.

“Not promising.” She scolded herself shamefully.

She knew that he didn’t have her in his heart, and he stayed only because he loves children, but she still had a hope that was out of reach?

What is she expecting?

I hope he can let go of his prejudice against her and regain the good fate with her?

While making dumplings, Grace was lost in thought.

Outside the door, Derek affectionately took daddy’s hand and kept saying nice things for Mommy. “Daddy, although the raw materials of the dumplings made by Mommy are indeed not worth a few dollars, after being processed by Mommy’s skillful hands, they become the most delicious food in the world. Merchants should know that the value of goods is equal to Is the price of raw materials plus the value created by labor? Mommy’s labor is priceless because it is full of love.”

Jacob looked at Derek in horror. It would be difficult for him to dislike such a knowledgeable and talented Derek.

Jacob patted the back of Derek, and said softly, “Who taught you? Philosophy and economics?”

He is definitely not taught by Grace. A poor-born person like Grace who can master hacking technology is eye-opening, and does not have the economic strength and the brains of learning domineering.

Derek put his arms around Jacob’s neck and said, “Mummy! Mommy knows so much… She taught us hacking techniques, taught us painting, taught us writing poems… .. Even better than the teacher’s painting!”

Hearing this, Jacob was very surprised, such Grace was he had never thought of. In his mind, he suddenly remembered that in the morning, Grace provoked his eyes, so confident and so dazzling.

He thinks she is a idiot dreaming, is it possible that she is really hidden?

Faith suddenly came over, took Derek’s hand, looked at Jacob vigilantly, and said, “Brother, he is a badass and always bullies Mommy, don’t tell him about Mommy… .”

Jacob dumbfounded!

Why is this little girl so defensive towards him? She could even smell his hostility towards Grace?

“What’s your name?” His nobles forget things, and he selectively forgets Faith’s name, regardless of his name or nickname.

“I won’t tell you that my name is Luo Zitong.” Faith said proudly.

Jacob laughed.

He had never looked at this child seriously before, after all, he was not his own, so he ignored her. Observe her carefully today. It was unexpectedly discovered that the child was a little too delicate.

If she was not for Grace’s daughter, it would be a bit flattering.

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  1. Confusing and changing the characters names confuses the story. Derek for baby Robbie? I find the name to matured for the kids name


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