Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 112

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Chapter 112

Before long, Grace walked out carrying a few plates of dumplings.

The small rectangular dining table is full of dangling, childlike animal dishes are like a meeting in a zoo, weirdly shaped, colorful and competing on the table.

Jacob looked at the dragon totem plate in front of him, slightly lost. He wants to use such naive tableware too?

After the children got the dishes, they cheered, and the knives, forks and silver chopsticks beat the dishes.

“There is my favorite carrot dumplings.” Derek cheered.

“There are my favorite dumplings stuffed with cabbage.” Faith shouted softly.

“And my favorite dumplings stuffed with mashed potatoes.” Jason said coolly.

Jacob looked at the shiny dumplings in the platter. Through the thin dumpling skin, the children seemed to be able to see through the fillings and began to guess lively.

When Grace brought the last plate of dumplings, Jason who was sitting next to Jacob suddenly left his seat. He ran to Grace, took Mommy’s hand, and pushed her in front of Jacob. , “Mommy sit down!”

Derek cheered, “Great, Daddy and Mommy sit together, our family is reunited.”

Derek’s unintentional words made Jacob’s expression more solemn.

Reunion may be the children’s dream, but it is not Jacob’s dream.

Grace sighed almost inaudibly, he repelled her in his heart, why didn’t she know? She sat next to him, just fulfilling the children’s little wishes.

Her body deviated from Jacob subconsciously, trying to let him not feel restrained.

“Daddy, eat dumplings.” Derek enthusiastically picked a dumpling for Jacob and handed it to his dinner plate.

Jacob reluctantly picked it up and placed it in his mouth with a light bite.

The soft and waxy dumpling skin, the fragrant meat filling, the lips and teeth leave fragrance. This is the best dumpling he has eaten in his life.

Jacob was slightly surprised, Grace’s craftsmanship is a coincidence, able to piece together those humble talents into strange delicacies.

Obviously, I just wanted to eat a few perfunctory children, but ended up adding two or three times.

Derek looked at Daddy, and suddenly the light of wisdom overflowed from the bottom of his eyes. He grinned and said, “Daddy, have you ever heard the story of General Han Xin repaying his mother for a meal with gold Qianliang?”

The dumpling in Jacob’s mouth almost choked. He raised his eyes to look at Derek.

Isn’t it just a meal of Grace’s dumplings?

“Yeah.” Jacob nodded and continued to eat dumplings. He wanted to see what the little guy could say.

He even wondered with a villain’s heart whether Derek’s release was instructed by Grace.

Unexpectedly, when Derek was about to talk about it, Grace directly taught him, “You can’t eat and sleep.”

Derek pursed his mouth and sighed.

Mommy is too kind, so she is always bullied by Daddy.

Jason looked at the aggrieved Derek, put down his chopsticks, and gracefully wiped his mouth with a tissue. Announcing solemnly, “I have finished eating.”

Grace and Jacob nodded.

Jason, this kid is usually taciturn, why is it so high-profile today that he has finished eating?

Unexpectedly, Jason’s next words made the two adults almost fall off their glasses. It turned out that he announced that he had finished eating to be able to speak better, “Daddy, in ancient times, Han Xin had a meal. Today we ate mommy to cook. The dumplings should also act as the antiquity people and repay Mommy.”

After Jacob had a meal, he saw the glamour of Yi Yi leaked out when Jason and Derek looked at each other, and suddenly understood that he was betrayed by his two sons.

Jacob instantly lost his appetite, and looked at Grace sideways, with a touch of sarcasm in his eyes.

“The children’s suggestion is good. I will follow the example of the antiques today, and I will give you a thousand taels of gold. Tomorrow, I will send a thousand taels of gold.”

A thousand taels of gold is only about 10 million yuan when converted into RMB.

In the imperial capital, which is rich in land and gold, it may be able to improve Grace’s life, but it cannot change her life.

Derek and Jason both sighed. Daddy is so rich, but he’s so stingy to Mommy.

Grace was extremely angry at Jacob’s charity, and said, “The Lord Zhan is too polite. We can’t finish this dumpling, and it’s a pity to feed the dog the rest.”

Jacob’s face suddenly became cold. This is the dog food that turned around and scolded him for eating?

Grace put it away when she saw it, and fled to the kitchen with an empty plate.

Faith moved slowly, and she was left alone eating the few dumplings on the plate.

Jacob was insulted by Grace and felt unhappy. Looking at Faith’s timeless appearance, frowned.

Looking at Jacob, Faith seemed to notice his dislike for her, and Faith suddenly rolled her eyes at him.

The movement of her rolling her eyes was really scary. The black pupils were all hidden, only pure white was exposed, and she lowered her head and face down, just like a female ghost.

Jacob was startled, Faith’s grimace was very familiar in his memory. Because Irene often did it when he was young.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and squeezed Faith’s face and asked, “Who taught you?”

Faith avoided his hand and ignored him.

Jacob frowned slightly after eating closed doors.

Unconsciously, it was dark outside.

Jacob raised his wrist and looked at his watch several times, and also looked at Derek several times. Many times he was hesitant to speak.

He really wants to take Derek back to Haitian Villa. Tomorrow is the weekend. He happens to be free, and he wants to spend time with his children. After all, the five-year missing fatherly love needs time to make up.

But he knew that Grace did not speak, and Derek would not go with him.

He hesitated for a long time, and finally came to the kitchen.

Grace looked at the hesitant expression in his eyes, thinking that a man like him would show this expression for the sake of a child, and he was a little moved.

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