Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 113

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Chapter 113

“Want Derek to go to Haitian Villa?” Grace asked.

Jacob nodded. He thought Grace would embarrass him, but she suddenly gave him a box of dumplings and said, “Tomorrow’s breakfast.”

Jacob was slightly startled, a little surprised, and she actually agreed so readily?

Grace looked at his questioning eyes and explained, “Don’t treat a gentleman like a villain. I won’t involve the private grievances between the two of us on our children.”

Jacob rarely looked at her appreciatively, nodded, “You know what you are interested in.”

Grace was quite speechless, in his eyes, she was always so unbearable.

Jacob achieved his goal, but he didn’t mean to leave. Still standing by the door, looking at Grace.

“Is there anything else?” Grace asked.

Jacob seemed a little hard to say, “Faith, can I take her away?”

Hearing this, Grace hesitated.

Jacob did not know that Faith was also his daughter, and had always been indifferent to Faith. The reason why he showed love to Faith tonight was only because Derek could not bear his sister.

So if Faith is not taken away, he will not be able to take away his son Derek.

Jacob and Faith are like natural enemies, who look at each other and hate each other. It is impossible to get along with each other in peace.

Grace pursed her lips and chuckled, she walked to the living room and said to Faith, “Baby, Uncle Zhan invited you to play at their house, are you going?”

Faith’s small head shook like a rattle. She hugged Mommy’s neck softly with her hands, “I don’t want to leave Mommy.”

Grace kissed Faith’s forehead, “Mommy loves you.”

Faith smiles like a flower.

Jacob’s eyes darkened, he, an uncrowned king of business, had never tasted such a failure. And this uncomfortable feeling was brought to him by a little bun.

Grace looked at Jacob’s deflated expression, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Derek suddenly put down the Lego in his hand, took Jason’s hand and walked to Mommy’s side, and said, “Mommy, can I go back to live with Daddy tonight?”

Grace knew that Derek didn’t want to embarrass his daddy, so he patted Derek’s head, and said, “Go. But you have to remember the way home.”

“Well, I know.” Derek cheered.

Jacob Binghan’s expression only slightly eased.

In order to pick up his son to spend a weekend with him, he spent the whole night fighting against this woman. It was very painful.

So Jacob became more determined to get Derek’s custody no matter what.

When Derek and Jason returned to the Haitian Villa, Derek’s small faces kept frowning, and he looked worried.

Jacob couldn’t help asking him, “Why, not happy leaving Mommy?”

Derek shook his head, “Daddy, why don’t you like my sister Faith?”

Jacob frowned, asking which man would like his woman to have children with other men.

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