Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 114

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Chapter 114

“Faith is very cute.” Jason interrupted.

Derek and Jason were like two judges, two pairs of innocent and clear eyes like little wolf dogs fixedly looking at Jacob.

Jacob turned his head to ponder. Why does everyone like Faith, and he can’t convince himself to like her?

After thinking for a long time, he finally came up with an answer: Hate House and Wu. Because it was against Grace deep inside. So I don’t like her daughter either.

But he will not tell the child. Jacob weaves a lie, “Is there? Daddy doesn’t like her, it’s because she doesn’t like Daddy.”

Derek pursed his mouth, “Daddy obviously doesn’t like Faith.”

Jacob’s face was black.

Jason said coldly, “Daddy, you will regret it later.”

Jacob’s eyes twitched as he looked at the two sons of Yi Sang Yi He.

These two guys like Faith, which is probably the opposite of the reason he hates Faith-love the house and Wu. Because they love Mommy, they also love the sister that Mommy gave them.

After Derek and Jason held hand in hand upstairs, Jacob sat on the sofa with a handsome and proud face looking at the ceiling. The perfect jaw line and sexy collusion glowed with a sense of charm under the crystal palace lamp.

He had to find a way to separate Derek’s feelings for Grace, otherwise he would never want to get rid of that woman in his life.

The corners of Jacob’s enchanting lips made a curve of evil charm.

He called Bai Nanning and asked her to spend the weekend with the three of them, father and son tomorrow. Bai Nanning was naturally very happy.

The next day, Bai Nanning arrived at the Zhan’s house early, and she brought fancy breakfasts for the father and son. There are sandwiches, pizza, and milk.

A box of dumplings that Grace gave last night was displayed in the refrigerator, and Bai Nanning unceremoniously threw the box and dumplings into the trash can. In her concept, this kind of cooked food is not worthy of appearing on the table of the Zhan father and son after a night.

When Jacob brought his two sons downstairs, Derek saw Bai Nanning, and Derek had a natural hostility.

“Jason, who is she?” Derek asked Jason in a low voice.

Jason’s face has become particularly cold, “Daddy’s girlfriend.”

Derek pouted immediately, and showed great confrontation with this future stepmother.

“Daddy, when did you hire the nanny?” After Bai Nanning took a seat with them, Derek asked naively and innocently.

Bai Nanning’s complexion instantly seemed like a dyeing workshop, and it was brilliant.

However, she is also a white bone spirit who has cultivated into a refined spirit. The soldiers came to stop Derek’s provocation. She touched Derek’s head and said, “This is Derek? She looks exactly as cute as Jas. Derek, have you ever seen it? Is it a beautiful nanny like the aunt?”

She knows that Jacob likes a gentle, educated, and knowledgeable woman. In front of Jacob, she has always worked hard to keep her image from collapsing.

Derek looked at the sandwiches and pizzas on the table and found what they had in common. He smiled crookedly, “Auntie nanny, I’m sorry, I’m allergic to cheese. My mom made the dumplings for me yesterday, please take them. Heat it up for me, okay?”

Derek still called her a nanny, which made Bai Nanning frantic.

But she didn’t care about Derek’s humiliation to her at this time, because Derek wanted to eat dumplings, but she threw them into the trash can.

Bai Nanning looked awkward, and Jacob noticed something abnormal, “Where are the dumplings?”

Bai Nanning explained embarrassingly, “I thought the dumplings had been overnight, so I threw them away.”

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