Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 115

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Chapter 115

A dark color flashed through Jacob’s eyes, but his face was calm. He raised his eyes to look at Derek, and said with a good temper, “Aunt Bai is not a nanny. If nothing else, she will be your mommy. You want her. Gentle, enthusiastic, you know?”

Bai Nanning received Jacob’s maintenance and was in a good mood.

Jason was unhappy, his expression was dull, but he was silent, and he was obviously very hard when chewing pizza.

Derek looked at his elder brother who had knocked out his teeth and swallowed his belly, his pupils radiant, looked at Daddy and asked curiously, “Daddy, what can’t be an accident?”

The corners of Jacob’s lips rose, and the little guy’s expressions that looked forward to the unexpected appearance of minutes, really don’t be too obvious.

“There will be no surprises.” Jacob touched his forehead.

When Bai Nanning heard these words, she secretly rejoiced as if she had taken a reassurance pill.

Derek tossed the pizza over and over again. He lost his knife and fork and used his fingers to pull the skin without cheese. After breakfast, the pizza sandwiches on the plate were almost intact, but they changed from a round pie shape to a big disgusting one. thing.

When Jacob and Bai Nanning were preparing to go out with the children, Derek squatted on the ground holding his stomach, staring at Jacob pitifully.

“What’s wrong?” Jacob asked.

“Daddy, my stomach hurts. I can’t walk because of the pain.” Derek said pitifully.

Jacob looked at the small cheeks of the child, and hugged him up in distress. “Daddy hug you.”

Bai Nanning looked at Derek. Although Derek’s expression was wrinkled tightly, his face was as ruddy as before. He was clearly pretending to be sick. Jacob loved this son who had fallen from the sky so much that he was deceived by his tricks.

Bai Nanning smiled, “Why don’t you take the child to the hospital first?”

Derek lay on Jacob’s shoulders, his clenched cheeks had long since turned up. Jacob couldn’t see his face, and after hearing Bai Nanning’s suggestion, he nodded in agreement.

Bai Nanning looked at Derek triumphantly, and Derek smiled sweetly at her, but this smile had a hint of coolness. “Daddy, I don’t need to see a doctor. I am hungry. I have been hungry since I was a child. My stomach hurts after I am hungry for a long time. Just eat some warm porridge.”

Bai Nanning twitched the corners of her mouth. She used to think that Jason, the little ancestor, was already very difficult to deal with, but she didn’t expect this Derek to be even more difficult to deal with.

Jacob had to buy another breakfast for Derek based on the principle of believing what he had, and not believing it. Under Derek’s diarrhea, the good time in the morning became thrilling, and both Bai Nanning and Jacob felt that their lives were miserable.

Finally, Derek has no problem here. When it was his turn to have lunch, Jason pouted and said coldly, “I don’t eat outside food.”

Jacob frowned.

These two little ancestors can really toss people.

The more these times, the more patience and restraint Bai Nanning showed. She patiently comforted Jacob, “Jacob, when every child is self-willed, it doesn’t matter, we follow them. Enough.”

Jacob looked at the two adorable treasures, Derek and Jason exchanged glances, Jacob hooked his fingers to Derek and Jason, and said with a sullen face, “You two, come here.”

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