Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

Derek and Jason walked in front of Daddy, and Jacob said solemnly, “Aunt Bai is a woman recognized by Daddy. It is useless if you don’t like her, because Daddy will marry her, not you. So, put you away. Those little tricks.”

Derek asked innocently, “Daddy, after you marry her, will you give us many younger brothers and sisters?”

Jacob told them without hesitation, “No.”

Derek said, “What if you will have an accident?”

“There will be no accidents.” Jacob categorically cut the railway.

But Derek suddenly burst into tears, “That’s not necessarily true, just like me and Jas, Mommy said that the two of us were able to come into this world as an accident.”

Jacob was startled.

Yes, Jason and Derek were not in his plan. If Grace hadn’t used extraordinary means to get pregnant, he would really not have such two cute and handsome sons.

Seeing Derek’s moist eyes, his beautiful peachy eyes smiled brightly on weekdays. Unlike him and Jason who are so far away, people can’t help but want to embrace them. The child I love very much.

“Although you are an accident, it is indeed an unexpected surprise for Daddy.” Jacob said gently.

Derek sobbed, “Daddy can accept the unexpected arrival of us, and will also accept the unexpected arrival of younger brothers and sisters in the future. And Jason and I have become children without daddy’s pain. Daddy, why don’t you return me to mom? Come on, at least Mommy won’t remarry, and won’t give us any more siblings.”

Jacob affirmed, “Believe Daddy, there won’t be such an accident.”

Jason stared at Bai Nanning angrily, and said excitedly, “You lie. She said that she will have children of her own in the future, she said personally.” Jason suddenly pointed at Bai Nanning.

Jacob was startled and looked at Bai Nanning. He seemed familiar with this scene.

Grace once accused him of this, and condemned him that his intention to have a child should not be revealed in front of the children. At that time, he thought Grace was accusing him of subjective conjecture.

From today’s perspective, her accusation is not groundless.

Jacob looked at Bai Nanning, Bai Nanning was a little flustered, she said with a pitiful look, “Jacob, I have never said such a thing!”

Jacob said very calmly.

“Nanning, I am with you. I told you from the very beginning that I refused to have children after remarrying. This kind of request seems narrow and selfish, so I hope you must carefully consider staying with me. You are hiding your luck, and our relationship ends here.”

Bai Nanning has always dreamed of being a wife of war, not only because the business empire of the war family is extremely brilliant, but the Bai family needs the promotion of the war family in many aspects.

Furthermore, a diamond man like Jacob is the dream of all women. Bai Nanning’s liking for Jacob is full of vanity, but it is also a bit genuine.

Suddenly heard such words. How Bai Nanning could let the painstaking she put in for many years to flow in vain. Immediately quibble for herself, “Jacob, I really don’t. Do you know that these two children are biased against me? They deliberately slander me.”

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