Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 91

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Chapter 91

After speaking, Elvira suddenly turned around and took Shaun away.

Elvira didn’t want to stay here at all at this moment.

However, when she just walked to the door, Paula hurried to catch up.

“Elvira, just I beg you as a mother, don’t leave! He is your grandfather…” Paula’s face was pleading.

She is also feeling humiliated, but what can she do.

Taigong Shen is her father after all.

The Shen family, after all, are her natal family.

“Mom…” Elvira’s eyes were red, and tears almost fell.

Especially when she saw Paula’s begging, her heart suddenly softened.


And at this moment, a welcoming guest came over and said to the Shaun family indifferently:

“Since you are not leaving, come with me! The position has been prepared for you.”

After speaking, the welcoming guest suddenly turned around and left.

While Paula pulled Elvira and Shaun, and followed closely behind.

However, when they saw the position they had prepared for their family, whether it was Elvira or Paula, their expressions changed again.

At the door!

Yes, there was a large table at the entrance, the table was shabby and the chairs were extremely messy.

It looked like that it is reserved for the beggars.

The dilapidated tables and chairs in front of them are totally inferior as compare to the dining tables and luxurious chairs inside.

“Hey… sit down!” Paula sighed long, and then asked Elvira and others to sit down.

Soon, the dishes of the restaurant have begun to come up one after another.

Plates of exquisite dishes, all in color, fragrance and flavor.

Especially, the styles are extremely diverse.

It seems that the price of each dish is extremely expensive.

However, what makes the Elvira family look ugly is that the surrounding dining tables, one after another, are placed on top, full of dazzling arrays.

And their table is empty.

This scene made the complexions of Elvira and Baishan more and more difficult to look at.

And Paula explained awkwardly:

“Maybe theirs first, then ours! Huh? Look, isn’t this coming?”

Paula said, pointing to the rear.

Suddenly, the family saw several waiters, carrying a few plates, walking towards their table one after another.

This scene made Elvira and Baishan look calmer.

However, when the waiters put their plates on the table, their expressions changed again.

A plate of pickles.

A plate of peanuts.

A plate of steamed buns.

And some leftovers.


This is naked humiliation.

Even Paula couldn’t help it anymore. She stood up, looked at the table of the Shen family, and said angrily:

“Jian, why are you humiliating us like this?”

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