Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1070

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Chapter 1070

Irene opened her eyebrows and laughed, reciting her love poems in a rounded Mandarin:

“You are the moon in the sky, and I am the ditch on the ground, waiting for your presence to make me flourish.”


Jacob raised his brows and sneered, “I’m sorry, I have a hygienic disorder, and I will never be able to come to your stinky drain. You should wait for others to come.”

Irene: “…”

She puffed up her bun’s face and looked at him bitterly, “Don’t you know that it is very disrespectful to interrupt people reading love poems casually?”

Jacob nodded, “You continue.”

He started to turn on the computer and gallop in the Matrix game.

Irene suddenly yelled, “Ayue, I love you, just like a mouse loves rice, and Shikelang loves dung mud…”

The voice was extremely loud, penetrating every office of Media Asia, and then the employees of Media Asia boiled over.

Jacob almost immediately jumped up and covered her mouth, “You shut up.”

Irene said in a huff: “I love you like a louse can’t live without its skin…”

In the end, Jacob was so nauseated that he immediately wanted to vomit, and Irene stopped being a demon.

“Brother Yue, I’m sorry, I was wrong.” She patted his back nervously, as if soothing a baby.

Jacob looked at her suddenly, “Who taught you these love poems?”

Irene stretched out his finger and poked Irene in the corner. “The love letter my brother gave me. He said that the beautiful love letter is out of date. If you want to choose, you have to choose a different one. If you don’t promise me, you can at least remember me.”

Jacob looked at her blankly…

“Give you another chance.”

Irene was dazed.

Thinking about what he meant by this sentence?

Irene scratched his head and scratched his cheeks anxiously, “I’m so stupid, Irene. He gives you a chance to confess to him again.”

Jacob stared at Irene viciously. Irene quickly silenced.

Irene racked her brains to think.

After a long time, Irene embarrassed her face and said to Jacob: “I don’t know why I like you. Anyway, when I see you, it’s like spring is here, and you are waving ten miles of peach blossoms in my blank life. Because of you, his life has become brighter.”

Blank life?

Jacob’s face sinks slightly, he hates women who love to lie. And Irene touched his sensitive nerves.

She obviously cherished the founder of Media Asia, so affectionate love, when she met Xinhuan, how could she say that she had completely erased the rich memories?

“Sorry, I was not moved by you.” He said coldly.

Irene drooped her head in frustration, and walked out mutteringly, “Since I was young, all the love letters I received have been intercepted by you. How can I have experience?”

Irene also felt extremely sorry, she could see that Jacob was deliberately giving Irene a chance, but Irene herself failed to grasp it.

What a pity.

Irene chased out, comforting Irene. “Don’t be sad, turn around, brother teaches you to write a love letter.”

Irene stared at Irene grimly, “It’s all your bad ideas. It’s vulgar. No wonder he can’t be touched.”

Irene said: “You can’t write it yourself. You still dislike me?”

Irene said: “Who said I can’t write it?”

“Then you write it yourself?”

Irene suddenly turned around and shouted to Jacob: “Ayue, I want to have a love relationship with you, and I will grow old.”

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