Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1071

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Chapter 1071

Jacob’s hand on the keyboard was slightly stagnant, a touch of affection surged in his eyes, and finally turned into a warm smile, dyed on the eyebrows.

The love that grows old and grows old. It’s what he wants.

He was moved by Irene’s love words. He had a kind of willingness to spare everything and respond to her impulse.

But his strong willpower restrained her impulse.

His life with amnesia is an incomplete life. He doesn’t know who he was before the amnesia, but with a wife and children, how can he accept Irene’s love carelessly?

Seeing that Jacob did not respond, Irene said to Irene with a look of disgust: “I just said that, those slick things sound good, but they don’t necessarily work well.”

Irene bowed her head in annoyance and left.

When Irene returned to the president’s office, Xiaomi poked her head in nervously, “President, the security guard downstairs called me and said Qiulian was holding her baby downstairs to see you, do you want to let her in?”

Irene’s Jianshui Qiutong narrowed slightly, “What is she here for?”

Irene said, “What else can I do? Come and find him a man.”

Irene angrily shot the case, “Bring her to the president’s office. Never let her see Ah Yue.”

Irene sighed and sighed: “The most poisonous woman’s heart. Somehow, they have been a husband and wife for a few years, and you seem to be very innocent in beating a mandarin duck like this.”

Irene was so angry that she raised her fist to punch Irene, “Shut up.”

The fist was stuck in the air and couldn’t fall.

Irene looked at her suspiciously, this girl hasn’t beaten him for a long time? Something abnormal?

If she doesn’t beat him, his mouth will be even worse. “You are a trillion-dollar CEO, and she is a penniless settlement. If you steal a man from her, public opinion will treat this matter with sympathy and weak eyes. At that time, others will say that you bully others…”

Irene fell into meditation.

How does Irene make sense?

Before long, Xiaomi brought Qiulian into the president’s office.

Qiulian hugged Huzi and looked at the president’s office with twinkling eyes. Seeing her cowering, Irene felt sympathy.

“Sister-in-law Qiulian…”

As soon as he called out, Irene handed Irene a death gaze.

Irene kept coughing, and changed his mouth: “Miss Qiulian!”

Qiulian stared at Irene and Irene blankly, smiling embarrassedly, “Hey,” answered politely.

Irene interrogated with a cold face: “What are you doing in Media Asia?”

Qiulian timidly said: “I’m here to find my man.”

Irene’s face instantly darkened, “There is no man for you here.”

Qiulian explained with a smile: “My man, A Yue, doesn’t it just work here?”

Irene was so angry that her fists were clenched unconsciously when she heard that she kept calling Ah Yue her man.

Upon seeing this, Irene quickly picked up a file and fanned it, “Your Majesty, calm down and calm down.”

Irene said calmly, “Ayue is your man?”

Qiulian wondered, “Don’t you know everything about this?”

She thought everyone was still kept in the dark, and still misunderstood the relationship with Ayue and her husband and wife.

She was lucky enough to think that as long as she pestered Ayue and didn’t let go, Ayue could not get rid of her.

Irene’s chest was ups and downs with her brazen anger, and her back alveolar grinds sharply.

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