Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1072

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Chapter 1072

“Xiao Mi, take this child outside. I have something to talk to Qiulian alone.” Irene’s voice enveloped Binghan.

Xiao Mi walked to Qiulian, held Huzi with her hand, and walked outside regardless of Huzi’s heartbreak.

Qiulian realized that she seemed to have entered a Hongmen Banquet, and looked at Irene timidly.

Irene stared at Irene, “Go and tease the child.”

Irene nodded. Some worryingly told her, “Calm down, calm down.”

After Irene and Qiulian were left in the office, Irene hooked her finger towards Qiulian, “Come here.”

Qiulian walked towards her in fear. “CEO, where are you going to hold the tiger?”

Irene frightened her, “Hold it to the hospital and give Ayue and him a paternity test.”

Qiulian was so frightened that she ran outside.

“My child, you can’t take him away.”

The office door was closed tightly. Qiulian couldn’t open it. She turned around and angrily accused Irene, “You are just the boss of A Yue, what right do you have to take care of our family’s affairs?”

Irene stepped on Hentian Gao and walked gracefully in front of her. He stretched out a finger and gently raised Qiulian’s chin, and said with contempt: “Qiulian, I originally thought that you are a vulgar but still simple rural woman.”

After a pause, Xiuyi’s face suddenly became sordid, “I never expected that in your honest face, there is a greedy, selfish, vicious and vicious black heart.”

Qiulian looked away, “I don’t understand what you are talking about?”

“Don’t understand? It’s okay. I will you understand.”

Irene pinched her chin, hard. Qiulian snorted with pain.

Irene said, “Ayue is a good cheat? Isn’t it?”

Qiulian’s eyes flickered, but she didn’t speak.

Irene said: “He is not a fool, but he has lost his memory. He treats you well because you saved him. He is a grateful person.”

A guilty conscience filled Qiulian’s eyes.

“I didn’t lie to him.”

Irene put her mouth close to her ears, like thousands of ants gnawing Qiulian’s ears, “You lied to the marriage. Isn’t that lied to him?”

Qiulian roared with fright, “I didn’t lie to the marriage. He stayed by my side willingly, willingly to be my husband. He willingly gave birth to children with me.”

Irene was furious, “You still lie!”

Qiulian was sure that Irene would not know anything about her and A Yue, so she said with confidence, “I didn’t lie, I’m all true?”

However, Irene exploded her lie in one sentence, leaving her with no sense of self.

“How old is Huzi this year?”

“Three years old.” She answered honestly.

Irene slapped her and slapped her, “The son you gave birth to someone else deceived A Yue and asked him to help you raise his son. You are shameless!”

Qiulian was beaten up with gold stars and fell to the ground.

Touching her hot face, Qiulian was both angry and surprised.

“How do you know that Huzi is not Ayue’s son? My own son, would I mistake the child’s father myself?”

Irene squatted down, staring at her sharply, and gritted her teeth every word: “Because Ah Yue has only been missing for three years. It doesn’t match the age of your son.”

The truth was revealed, Qiulian was stunned.

“How do you know that Ayue has only been missing for three years? You guessed it. Ayue came to our fishing village four years ago. Don’t listen to the nonsense of the people outside.” Qiulian struggled like a trapped beast but appeared to get weaker and weaker.

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