Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1073

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Chapter 1073

Irene’s angry face was slowly shrouded in sadness, “Qiulian, do you know who I am?”

Qiulian looked at her in surprise, “Aren’t you the president of Media Asia?”

Irene said: “No, I am A Yue’s wife!”

Qiulian was dumbfounded, and all the defenses in her heart were instantly defeated. She shook her head like a rattle, and didn’t want to believe this fact at all, “It’s not true, it’s not true.”

Then glared at Irene angrily, “I know, you like my family Ayue, so you lied just to get him!”

Irene sneered and said, “Do you think I’m the same as you? Qiulian, I’ll give you two options. One is to surrender. You defrauded the marriage and illegally imprisoned A Yue for three years. This charge is not small.”

Qiulian turned pale with fright, “No, no, I didn’t lie to the marriage. I was just kindly saving him at the beginning, just kindly saving him.”

Irene turned on the phone to record, Qiulian’s voice resounded:

“I didn’t lie to the marriage. He stayed with me willingly, willingly to be my husband. He willingly gave birth to children with me.”

Irene said: “I recorded all what you said just now. You want to quibble. Just go to the judge to quibble. I have no time to accompany you.”

Qiulian swallowed, limp on the ground.

Irene continued, “You have another choice…”

A warm smile appeared on Irene’s face, “Yu Fa, you are indeed unforgivable. But you finally saved him and brought him back to me. For this, I am grateful to you. I am willing to give You have a sum of money, so that you and Huzi will have nothing to worry about in this life. However, after you get the money, you must leave him immediately.”

A look of unwillingness appeared on Qiulian’s face. It was clear that Ayue was the founder of Media Asia. As long as he resets, she will definitely get more benefits than this woman.

Irene seemed to see her thoughts, and said coldly, “Qiulian, if you still hope to continue your relationship with him, I advise you to die. Because that kind of thinking is stupid.”

“Ayue has obsessive-compulsive disorder. If I guess it’s not wrong, he will feel sick and nauseous when he sees you. Now that he knows that you lied to marry him, he should hate seeing you even more. You want to get from him. The slightest benefit, that is idiotic dreaming.”

In Qiulian’s mind, she immediately thought of the various ways she and A Yue got along…

In the past, Ayue didn’t like her to touch her. When she touched him, he would feel sick. She thought it was a quirk, but she didn’t expect it to be a hygienic disorder.

In his eyes, he always thought she was dirty.

Coming to this conclusion, Qiulian felt so humiliated inexplicably.

Now, Ayue’s eyes were no longer the tenderness she used to be, with apathy and alienation, and a deep contempt for her.

Her body and personality were all disgusted by A Yue.

Qiulian slowly got up and said, “Okay, I promise you.”

The door of the office opened, Xiaomi took the tiger in, and Irene walked at the back.

Not only did Huzi didn’t cry, but he also held a lot of snacks and toys in his arms and laughed happily.

“Xiaomi, write a check for 20 million to Qiulian.”

Xiao Mi white eyes Qiulian, and murmured: “Why, this kind of person is already very kind to her without sending her to prison. Why are you giving her so much money back? President, you are too kind. “

After sending Qiulian away, Irene let out a long sigh of relief.

Looking at the bright sun outside the window, Irene muttered: “Brother Jie, you should go home.”

He quickly ordered Irene: “Go and choose a lucky day for me, and I will take him home.”

Irene was stunned, and said, “Are you a little haste?”

“He doesn’t like you at all now, and he may not go home with you willingly.”

Irene began to worry about gains and losses.

She knows too well how depressing it is to live with someone she doesn’t love. She didn’t want Jacob to fall into a situation that made him uncomfortable and uncomfortable again after experiencing Qiulian’s storm.

“Then…just slowly.”

A worries appeared in Irene’s eyes: “But what if he doesn’t like me all his life?”

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