Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1074

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Chapter 1074

Irene looked at his sister’s panda face and bared his teeth: “You look like this, let alone for a lifetime, even for two lifetimes, he won’t like you. But after you remove your makeup, I promise that he won’t be able to move his legs when he sees you. .”

“Really?” Irene said smugly.

“Yeah.” Irene nodded.

Department of Cyber Security.

The documents stacked in front of Jacob were distributed by Guan Xiao to other employees. After the documents were processed, Jacob walked to the president’s office on the ninth floor holding the files.

Coming to the front of the elevator, in the transparent glass door, Qiulian hugged the child and passed by.

A hint of doubt filled Jacob’s eyes.

What is Qiulian doing in Media Asia?

When he came to the president’s office, he threw the file in front of Irene, and his eyes fell on Irene’s Qiaoxiao Yanran face.

“It’s finished?” Irene was a little surprised. Although the efficiency of this guy has always been ridiculously high. But is it not half a day to complete the workload of ordinary people in three days?

Jacob said: “They helped.”

Irene immediately cursed: “Who let them be nosy?”

She deliberately looked for things for him, hoping that he would not think about the sad things when he gets busy.

Jacob held his hands on the table, “You deliberately stuffed me so much, what you are thinking?”

Irene glanced at him with a guilty conscience, “Capitalists like impermanence to squeeze your labor force, do you still need a reason?”

“This is not your style?” Jacob said.

Irene suddenly smiled crookedly, “Brother Yue, you still know that I am reluctant to squeeze you.”

Irene had her IQ off the assembly line when she saw Beauty, and Jacob immediately grabbed her handle, “Since I am reluctant to squeeze me and assign me so much work, what is the intention?”

Irene: “——”

Jacob looked at her aggressively.

Irene said: “Alright, alright, let me say.”

“I assign so much work to you, but I just hope you don’t have time for your brain…”

Jacob: “…”

“What did you do to Qiulian?” She didn’t explain it honestly, and Jacob went straight ahead.

Irene dumbfounded!

Since she was hit by him, she can only give him an explanation. “I will give her money and let her leave you.”

It fits Jacob’s mind.

It’s just that Jacob’s expression is not shocked, “How much is it?”

“Twenty million.”

Jacob frowned, “You are so generous.”

Irene smiled and said, “Can it be counted on your head?”

Jacob stared at her suspiciously, “Why do you do this?”

Irene said, “Don’t you still see it? I like you, of course I want to blow away all the women around you.”

Jacob: “…”

Jacob leaned forward and looked at her with twinkling pupils, “Irene, am I worth your so much trouble?”

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