Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1075

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Chapter 1075

Irene said: “Whether it’s worth it, it’s not you who has the final say, but I have the final say.”

Jacob nodded, “Whatever you want.”

Then turned around and left.

Irene is perplexed…

What does “whatever you do” mean?

Is it… acquiesced in her chasing him?

“Yeah!” Irene cheered.

When Jacob got home from get off work, Qiulian quietly sat on the sofa. Seeing Jacob’s return, Qiulian’s eyes were mixed with mixed emotions: there were some expectations, some reluctance, and some unwillingness.

“You haven’t left yet?”

Qiulian seemed to be struck by thunder.

“President Yan told you?” She asked tremblingly.

Jacob nodded.

Then he ignored her and walked straight to the back room.

Qiulian bit her lip secretly, Irene was right, he seemed to really hate her.

But Qiulian never wanted to admit that this was the Ayue who had been gentle to her in the fishing village.

She got up from the sofa and walked towards Jacob.

“Ayue, I’m leaving, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Jacob was startled.

Originally, he wanted to tell Qiulian that he would give her some compensation to repay her for her life-saving grace.

But these words and these things, Irene had already done him. And if he does better than him, he doesn’t need to do anything extra.

Besides, he really didn’t want to waste his words with Qiulian.

“Good journey.” Now there is only one blessing left.

Qiulian looked at him with a look of longing in her eyes: “Ayue, although President Yan gave me a lot of money to let me leave you, as long as you let me stay, I will send the money back and stay with you forever. ?”

Jacob turned around, the cold air lingering in the ice soul.

“Qiulian, originally I wanted to give you a decent amount, but if you don’t respect yourself, I don’t need to give you any respect.”

Jacob’s voice was striking, approaching Qiulian step by step. Angrily said:

“Three years ago, you saved me and Jincao. If you can spread the news in time, maybe my family will be able to find me. But you didn’t do this. I have been missing for so long, and my family will not be able to find it for a long time. I’m already dead. Your selfishness has separated me and my family. Did you know that my family may be in piercing pain because of this. You deserve to die.”

Qiulian staggered back, her pupils widened and she looked at the angry Jacob in disbelief.

Obviously she saved them. She thought that this life-saving grace could make A Yue thank Dade for the rest of her life, and give her life.

Unexpectedly, he hated her so much.

“Ayue, we have been a husband and wife for three years. As the saying goes, if you are a husband and wife for a hundred days, you will not miss the old feelings at all…” Water splashes appeared in Qiulian’s eyes.

Jacob was so angry that his veins were violent, and he roared, “As long as I think that your selfish greed will bring endless pain to my family, my only remaining kindness towards you will turn into endless hatred!”

“I finally understand why seeing you is so disgusting, because we are not a husband and wife.”

Qiulian was hit hard by these words and fell to the ground.

But she still asked without giving up, “Ayue, can you tell me, have you liked me in the past three years? Even a little bit?”

“No.” Jacob replied decisively. “I don’t have any feelings for you. If there is, there is only hatred.”

“It’s my own passion.” Qiulian tears rolled down her eyes.

He got up awkwardly, walked into her and Huzi’s bedroom desolately, and packed his bags with tears.

When she left with her luggage and Huzi in her arms, Jacob sat at the piano.

Qiulian turned her head frequently, but saw Jacob’s expression cold and calm, and seemed unhappy or sad about her leaving.

Qiulian’s heart is desolate.

Does he really only hate her?

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