Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1086

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Chapter 1086

Qiao Wan swallowed the mountains and rivers: “Jason, don’t worry, I will cramp and pull my bones, and I will temper my copper body and iron bones into a mollusk that you can knead. Even if I climb, I will crawl in front of you.”

“Never let you be Wang Baochuan second.”

Jason murmured: “Whether you want to climb in front of me, it is your business, it has nothing to do with me.”

Qiao Wan: “…”

Qiao Wan looked at the faint redness of Jason’s ears, and suddenly smiled brilliantly.

“I will challenge that embroidery needle now.”

“Shuh, I’m leaving.”

Qiao Wan left.

Jason silently stared at Mummy in the painting, and a shallow smile slowly appeared on that cold iceberg face.

Now he said: “Mummy, I will be back soon.”

Imperial Capital Asia.

The night is long, but Jacob has no sleep.

He was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the bedroom, looking at the villa opposite.

Complex mood.

He likes Faith’s mummy, it is a fearless impulse to spare his life to protect her when he sees her.

And Irene likes him, it is the love that gives everything to him and hesitates.

These two women are the most beautiful women in the world.

He can’t provoke them in an unclear capacity.

After careful consideration, Jacob finally made a difficult decision-he chose to leave.

He wrote a letter of resignation to Irene.

There is only one sentence below the resignation letter:

“I want to find myself! I hope I will be myself when I meet again.”

No name is nameless!

The resignation letter and the salary card Irene gave him were placed on the coffee table in the living room.

Then, he left Wei’an Garden.

Media Asia Office Building.

Irene raised her wrist to look at her watch, and realized that after Jacob was late for the first time for no reason, Irene became uneasy.

She called Jacob’s mobile phone, and the mobile phone prompt was “This number is empty”.

Irene felt bad, and took the car keys and walked outside.

Ten minutes later, Irene appeared in Wei’an Garden, Jacob’s home.

However, the furnishings in the room have not changed, but the things belonging to Jacob have been emptied.

Irene was dumbfounded.

Finally tremblingly walked to the sofa, picked up the message letter on the coffee table, saw Jacob’s pen go dragon and snake, strong and powerful font, Irene tears down her eyes.

It turned out that Brother Jie always wanted to go home.

He is full of helplessness towards the identity of amnesia.

She slapped herself annoyed. It was because of her indecision and indecision that he didn’t know how to deal with himself and could only leave without saying goodbye.

He stayed alone where she couldn’t see, how dangerous it was.

“Brother Jue, I’m sorry! I’ll take you home.” Irene said regretfully.


There was a thunderstorm, and heavy rain fell from the sky.

The pedestrians on the street, who were originally laid-back, instantly disappeared like birds and beasts.

Only Jacob wore a limited-edition white shirt, black trousers, and white sneakers endorsed by world-renowned stars. Standing in the rain helplessly.

A Mercedes-Benz suddenly drove past him.

The driver Tian Corn wears a pair of giant-frame sunglasses with black lenses, and his eyes shoot out an evil smile.

“Lord Zhanhan!”

Today is a working day, but Jacob appeared on this crowded street corner for only one reason: he and Irene broke up.

Feng Tong under his sunglasses flickered calculating colors, “Jacob, let me see how much sharpness you have left!”

Jacob stood at the door of a convenient supermarket to hide from the rain. The rain curtain under the eaves blurred his vision, making him almost unable to see the scenery a little further away.

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