Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1087

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Chapter 1087

Suddenly, several cars drove over and stopped in front of him.

The car wheel rolled over the stagnant water and splashed it on Jacob’s white sneakers.

Jacob frowned, and Eagle Falcon looked at the car body.

The door of the car suddenly opened, and a bright machete struck him.

Jacob leaned back quickly, avoiding the machete.

At this time, all the doors of the car were kicked open at the same time, and a dozen men walked out of it.

They surrounded Jacob’s group, and Jacob’s back leaned against the wall of the convenience supermarket. The sharp eyes swept across the men in front of them.

He didn’t know if he could beat them, but he was lonely and fearless.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered the scene of Irene fighting with him in the arena room.

Then apply what he has learned-

Jacob raised his long legs and kicked it into the crotch of the man facing him with lightning speed. The man immediately lost his machete and knelt on the ground and yelled.

“The dignified prince, actually used this kind of detrimental trick that is not on the table!”

A small smile appeared in Jacob’s eyes, and the moves Irene taught him really worked well.

Jacob took advantage of the victory and pursued, stretched out his hand to snatch the man’s machete, and held up the several machete that others swung down.

The wrist flicked, and a divine power was transmitted from the machete to the other machete. The people holding the machete were numb in their wrists by this force and immediately lost the machete.

Jacob’s body is as light as a swallow, or levitating in the air, or galloping on the ground, just like a lion that has been sleeping for a thousand years has awakened.

Not far away, a black Mercedes parked not far away.

The window slid down, Tian Maize slowly took off his sunglasses, and a look of sorrow filled his eyes, “Jacob, it’s the invincible prince. Even if he loses his memory, his skills are still so good.”

An evil sneer appeared on his lips, “I can’t beat you, I don’t believe you can withstand my sugar-coated cannonballs.”

The Mercedes-Benz galloped past.

The group of assassins seemed to have received orders, and they scattered like birds and beasts.

Jacob looked at the killer who fled in a hurry, with a hint of doubt in his eyes.

This group of people seem to be well-trained killers, why are they killing him?

Also, he looked at his fist. He couldn’t think of a way to crack it many times in the crisis, but his body seemed to have more memory ability than his brain.

He should turn out to be a martial artist.

He is more curious about his identity!

Just now the man called him the prince, the prince of the imperial capital must have a good status, as long as he inquires a little, he will definitely be able to find out his identity.

Yancheng, Wutong compound.

When Silvia returned to the Wutong compound of the Yan family with corn, the Yan family was too surprised.

“Oh, is this the sun coming out from the west? Field corn, do you still know that you are coming back to your in-laws?” Cui Anru said bitterly.

Tian Zei took Silvia’s arm, but his gaze fell on Silvia who was opposite, with an unfathomable smile, “Mom, I’m going home this time, but I’m here to talk to Silvia.”

Cui Anru sneered, “Huh, a down-and-out Phoenix is not as good as a chicken. You are not the former president of the Tian Group with boundless scenery. You are guarding a Dangan company. What kind of marriage can you tell my Silvia?”

“My Silvia’s marriage, I will let my eldest lady help her at that time. It is not your turn to intervene.”

The eldest lady in Cui Anru’s mouth is the powerful Irene now.

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