Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1100

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Chapter 1100

Irene said with extraordinary domineering: “There is no word divorce in my dictionary. If you want to get a divorce, wait for the next life.”

“I touched my face, looked at the thick foundation on my fingertips, thinking it was time to remove my makeup.”

Irene suddenly smiled, “I’m going to take a bath, and you wait for me.” Then, holding his pajamas, walked to the bathroom.

Walked to the bathroom door, looked back and handed Jacob a meaningful smile. “Brother Jie, waiting for me to surprise you.”

Jacob looked at the flimsy pajamas in her arms, and imagined that when a dinosaur pounced on him in his pajamas, he suddenly got goose bumps.

“Irene, I am timid, don’t scare me.” Jacob said.

Irene’s smile became deeper, and then walked in and closed the bathroom door backhand.

Jacob heard the sound of water from the shower… His handsome face became darker and darker.

Then began to study this pair of shackles…

This pair of shackles was originally made by him, and the mechanism setting was also invented by him. If there is a godly help in the world, the secret of opening the shackles will soon be discovered.

After Jacob was free, he glanced at the closed bathroom door proudly, and said, “Do you think we are a husband and wife? Why should I believe you, a liar? I won’t be with you anymore, goodbye, Irene.”

When Irene came out of the bath, the makeup of the noodles in the clear soup made her beautiful, but when she saw the empty big bed, the elf’s beautiful misty black pupils shed tears of loss.

Just a little bit, they can see each other sincerely. Why didn’t God give her this opportunity?

The night is quiet.

Bai’s, Heyuan.

The eldest lady showed up at the gate of the courtyard with Silvia. After the security went in to report, the security came out not long after. Lead the lady and Silvia into it.

This Bai family is also quite a prestigious family in the imperial capital. Although there is a tendency to decline after being suppressed by Media Asia, the lean camel is bigger than the horse. This courtyard overlaps with the courtyard, with a vast area, and the decoration design has a luxurious texture. Except for tourmalines, the entire imperial capital cannot find such a good building.

But tourmaline is also a thing of the past.

The courtyard of the Bai family is eager for people.

After Silvia entered the courtyard, she looked around all the way. The loss in her heart was filled by Bai’s luxury, and gradually he was full of hope for the future.

She became a Miss Bai family, and her value continued to increase.

The security guard led them into the courtyard in the north, and said, “Master lives here. Wait a minute.”

Finished. The security left.

The eldest lady and Silvia stood at the gate of the courtyard and waited for a long time, and Silvia’s excitement gradually turned into hesitation.

The Bai family chilled her here for a long time, and obviously didn’t take her seriously.

However, Silvia is born stubborn, the more he look down on her, the more she will do things that will surprise her.

The stubbornness in her eyes gradually leaked out.

At this time, the great master Bai Shuwu, who was hiding behind the screen, was sitting in a wheelchair and was pushed out by a personal attendant.

“Shu Wu.” The lady yelled when she saw him.

“What are you doing?” Bai Shutang’s eyes slipped helplessly.

The eldest lady pulled Silvia to him, “Shu Wu, I’m sorry, I broke my promise. I brought our daughter, because I never want to see our daughter live in displacement and discrimination. So. I brought her to you, and hope you will let her recognize her ancestors.”

Bai Shuwu glanced at Silvia faintly. There is a resentment of hating iron but not steel, “If she is a perfect body, there is still some use. It is a pity that her body and reputation are not helpful to my Bai family. Forget it, go back wherever you come from. “

When Silvia heard Bai Shuwu’s words to punish the heart, her original hopes and longings instantly vanished. As if falling from the underworld into the abyss of hell, she suddenly laughed.

With soaring anger, she accused her parents. “You hate me for being morally corrupt, don’t you? But no matter how unbearable I am, no matter how many shortcomings I am, all because I am your daughter. Dirty blood in your body is flowing through me!”

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  1. I guess you need to live as a single mother now. Stop hoping for him to return and live your life to the fullest with your children. Find derek and reunite with Jason. If he has amnesia then let it be. You bring him back but author don’t want you with him 🤧😂 frustrating isn’t it?


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