Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1101

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Chapter 1101

Bai Shuwu looked at Silvia blankly. Suddenly he smiled, “As expected of my Bai Shuwu’s daughter, she will be rewarded, she is bloody and gangly, vicious and poisonous enough. Very good, you daughter, I recognize it.”

Silvia was stunned, this reversal ending was too surprising.

Bai Shuwu said: “My Bai family has been suppressed by the Zhan clan for many years, but the next generation of children are all ordinary generations. Silvia, you have the confidence to be with me. Defeat Media Asia and revive the Bai clan?”

Silvia’s eyes shined with the ambition to win, “Dad, in my life, I have only one mission: to defeat Irene.”

Bai Shuwu looked at the firm light pouring out of Silvia’s eyes, and said, “Daddy has heard about you. You lost your body by mistake in order to defeat Irene. Dad doesn’t blame you, Dad just tested you. Don’t mind.”

Silvia smiled, “I won’t.”

Bai Shuwu said: “I have received news that Irene is suffering from severe neuroanxiety. If her mood fluctuates too much, she may be blind or even paralyzed.”

“And Jacob lost his memory, and this is the best time for us to separate them. Our Bai family must take advantage of this God-given opportunity to defeat Media Asia and restore Bai’s glory.”

Silvia was in ecstasy, and now with Bai’s backing, defeating Irene is just around the corner.

“Dad, my daughter is willing to wait for your arrangement.”

“You go back to the Yan family, and try to create a big incident, so that Irene will be ignored. In this way, she is exhausted, and there is always a time when her body can’t bear it. And our Bai family should fight back.”

Silvia sobbed poison in her eyes: “Yes. Dad.”

Seeing their father and daughter recognize each other, the eldest lady gave a relieved expression.

Yancheng, Wutong compound.

After Silvia disappeared for seven days and seven nights, she suddenly returned to Yan’s house, making Cui Anru very opinionated about her.

Pointing to her nose and yelling, “You don’t know if you go out fooling around and you will make a noise at home? Do you still have my mother in your eyes?”

Silvia’s eyes were bloodshot, “Mom, then I have to ask if you consider me a daughter?”

Cui An was sullen and said: “Do you still know to talk back? See if I won’t kill you today!”

Turn around and look for a broom to hit someone.

Mother Yan shook her head, fearing that their mother and daughter might quarrel, and said, “Silvia, go to the kitchen to help your sister-in-law Xiaoyu.”

Silvia snorted and walked to the kitchen.

Tan Xiaoyu was washing vegetables on the kitchen balcony. When Silvia walked over, Tan Xiaoyu ignored her either.

Silvia’s beautiful face showed a sullen expression, “Tan Xiaoyu, why don’t you say hello when you see me?”

“Second Miss, I have nothing to say to you.” Tan Xiaoyu said lightly.

Silvia sneered: “Tan Xiaoyu, don’t think I don’t know what you think. You, you don’t put me in your eyes if you hold Irene’s support.”

“You’re such a silly hat. Irene and Janice are brothers and sisters. You snatched the man from Janice. Do you think Irene will treat you sincerely?”

Tan Xiaoyu said: “If you are provoking discord, if it were the first day I met Irene, I would believe it. Ha ha, Irene and I have been together for so many years, can I still not understand her temperament?”

“She is kind, courteous, filial, and treats everyone around her. I advise you to save some snacks and don’t bother to deal with Irene. She is kind but not cowardly, docile and not to be deceived. You offend her and you will not end well.”

Silvia bit her lip, “I’m not yet your turn to teach me.”

Silvia glanced at the steep steps outside the balcony, a sharp look appeared in her eyes. Suddenly she pushed Tan Xiaoyu aside heavily, and Tan Xiaoyu staggered and fell off the balcony.


Tan Xiaoyu rolled down the long stone steps, touching the hard stones for the first time. To the weak and slender, every bone seemed to be broken.

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