Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1102

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Chapter 1102

Yan mother and Yan father in the lobby heard Xiaoyu’s cry and ran out in a panic.

Silvia hurriedly hid in the kitchen, pretending to be unaware, and ran to the kitchen balcony with Yan mother and others.

“Ah, what’s going on?” Silvia put on a pose.

Tan Xiaoyu was lying under the stone steps, unconscious.

Yan mother was frightened and immediately fainted.

Yan’s father quickly ordered his servants to take Tan Xiaoyu, who was unconscious, to Huanya Hospital.

Silvia saw that the Yan family was in a mess, with a successful smile in her eyes.

Irene and Tan Xiaoyu are in a very good relationship, if Irene knows that Tan Xiaoyu has an accident. She must feel very sad.

And the more sad she was, the more proud Silvia was.

Imperial Capital, Media Asia Office Building.

Media Asia’s monthly summary meeting is being held in full swing, and each department must send someone to the stage to report the results of the month. When it is the turn of the Cyber Security Department, Guan Xiao is sad.

“Originally, I always thought that Media Asia’s network security was our pride. But just last night, an anonymous hacker opened our network, wandered around it unscrupulously for a few laps, and then left quietly. Although he did not do anything to disrupt the order in Asia, his existence is still a hidden danger to Asia.”

After a pause, he said, “I am very frustrated. Last night, I summoned all the employees of the Security Department to work overtime as a surprise, but until now, we have not deciphered the origin of the hacker.”

Irene’s face darkened slightly.

If a hacker can enter Media Asia’s intranet unscrupulously, it means that someone is coveting Media Asia. If Media Asia is slightly different, then someone may jump out and stabbing you in the back, making Media Asia worse.

It seems that she has to pay close attention to the company recently.

Irene ordered Guan Xiao, “From today, the Ministry of Security will take turns to guard the MediaAsia intranet and must not let others steal our confidential documents.”

“Yes.” Guan Xiao replied very frustrated.

Irene glanced at him, and said arrogantly: “Since the establishment of Media Asia, it has not been violated. There are also several precedents for modifying the security settings of the intranet. What are you counseling?”

Guan Xiao said bluntly: “President, there used to be President Zhan, and all the hackers who invaded Media Asia were finally dealt with by him. He did not dare to offend us Media Asia again.”

“But now—”

Irene angrily said: “Isn’t there still me? Look down on me, am I? You wait, and I’ll catch the hacker later.”

But at this moment, Irene’s cell phone rang quickly.

Seeing that it was Yan’s father’s call, Irene immediately answered the phone. Father Yan’s voice was anxious like a hot pot ant:

“Lingbao, there is something wrong with your sister-in-law, you and Irene hurried to the Media Asia Hospital.”

Irene heard the words, and the whole old monk entered into concentration.

“Irene, what’s wrong with you?” Irene stood up nervously.

He is most afraid that Irene will encounter sudden blows and recurrence of physical disorders.

“The meeting is over.” Irene said two words as if gossiping.

Employees have left.

Individual employees stayed deliberately, their eyes swept over Irene’s panicked face from time to time, with a sneer under her eyes.

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