Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1106

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Chapter 1106

With blood red eyes, Irene walked straight to Silvia, and suddenly stretched out her hand to pinch Silvia’s neck viciously.

“You are the one who killed my sister-in-law. Silvia, I want you to die!”

Murder pays for life.

How did Yan’s father and Irene make Irene impulsively make mistakes, Irene pulled Irene away. “Sister, it doesn’t make sense to get you in for this kind of person. I am here to avenge Xiaoyu.”

Irene recovered a trace of sanity and released Silvia. Angrily said: “Irene, take her away.”

Irene moved with her family to the conference room of the hospital. Here, the Yan family held a major meeting to determine the turning point of the Yan family’s fate.

Irene presided over the meeting, Yan Fu and Cui Anru sat on the left, and Irene and Silvia sat on the right. Irene was always on guard against Silvia not to let her escape.

Irene said bitterly: “Dad, today I want to tell you a secret. You have to cheer up, and my daughter hopes you can withstand this blow.”

The faces of Cui Anru and Silvia turned pale suddenly.

Yan father said: “Your dad is not that vulnerable yet. Just speak up.”

Irene opened the door and said, “Silvia is not the daughter of our Yan family, she is the daughter of the elder wife of the Zhan family and Bai Shuwu of the Bai family.”

Father Yan looked at Cui Anru in disbelief, “Is this true?”

Cui Anru nodded with a touch of guilt across his face.

Yan father was furious, and started shooting the case, “Cui Anru, you deceived me so hard. Back then, you forced me to divorce my wife and marry you by being pregnant. Fortunately, the father blocked me in every way and didn’t let me make a big mistake. But, I But from then on, I regarded you as a good match and gave you a cold heart. That’s why I made mistakes, gave birth to Silvia, divorced you and Irene’s mother, and almost gave up two of my own flesh for you… …Cui Anru, you are such a bad-hearted woman. I really misunderstood you.”

Cui An puffed and knelt in front of Yan father, “Master, although I am wrong, but I love you is true. Back then, I was with you, suffering from not being able to conceive, and my heart was all anxious, afraid that you would abandon me because I had no children. .”

“The old lady and I were in love with my sister back then. She helped me a lot and I always trusted her. After she had an affair, she accidentally conceived a child. But she didn’t want to abort the baby, so she gave me a lot of money, I pretended to be pregnant and approached you, and then her child would be raised by me. This way I can hold your heart with the child. I was really confused before agreeing to her.”

“Master, for so many years, I actually regretted it a long time ago. Especially after seeing Silvia so self-loving, Madam took her desperately into evil ways, I regretted the decision that year.”

Cui Anru’s dislike of Silvia made Silvia very uncomfortable.

Silvia sneered, “It’s not my mother after all, so it’s no wonder that it’s as pale as water to me.”

Father Yan sat back heavily on the chair, disappointed with Cui Anru.

“Cui Anru, I’ll deal with you when I turn around. Irene, how are you going to deal with Silvia?” Father Yan asked.

Irene said: “Dad, Silvia and the lady are embarrassed. Her heart no longer belongs to our Yan family. It doesn’t make sense to reluctantly leave her in Yan’s family. It’s better to sever relationship with her and have nothing to do with her.”

Yan father was embarrassed.

Irene said again: “Dad, Sister Xiaoyu told me just now that it was Silvia who pushed her to make her fall off the balcony. She can push Xiaoyu cruelly today, and tomorrows may harm other people. If your mind is wrong, stay here. What’s her use?”

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