Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1107

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Chapter 1107

Silvia hurt Tan Xiaoyu, so that the last bit of pity and affection from the Yan family to her was completely disintegrated.

Yan’s father showed pain on his face, “Silvia, since your heart is no longer in Yan’s house, then go back over there. You and my father and daughter love each other.”

Silvia bit her lip and felt inexplicably flustered at that moment. It’s like duckweed thrown into the sea, obviously on the shore and being thrown down mercilessly. Continue the aimless voyage.

It was just that this feeling was quickly forgotten by her. Silvia was stubborn and desperate for face. Even if she was expelled from the Yan family, she also felt that she was going to walk very beautifully and very well.

“Since you already know my identity and are unwilling to accept me, then I might as well open the skylight to speak up. Yes, I am the lady of the Bai family now, Irene, the affection between me and your sister ends here. From then on you I went to the mall and showed my own abilities. The real winner is whoever laughs last.”

Are you planning to fight Irene for a lifetime?

Irene smiled disdainfully, “Silvia, you are really sad. You regard me as your imaginary enemy, and you have been fighting with me. But I didn’t treat you as an enemy at all, because your rank is not worthy.”

Silvia was angry.

She wanted to walk away, but was stopped by Irene. Irene stared at her blood-red pupils like a lion roaring, “You hurt Xiaoyu, do you want to leave like this?”

Silvia Poppi lied: “Can you show evidence?”

Irene was so angry that she slapped it, and immediately knocked down Silvia’s tooth. Silvia’s nosebleeds came out like a note.

Irene said: “Irene, let her go. We will hand it over to the law to judge this matter.”

Irene gave up now.

Silvia covered her face, staring at Irene in hatred, and then fled in embarrassment.

Yan father clutched his aching heart, and walked outside desperately.

Cui An chased out in a hurry. “Master.”

But Yan father pushed her away viciously, “Don’t touch me.”

Cui Anru showed a desolate look, “Master, I know I was wrong.”

Irene drove Silvia away, and she felt uncomfortable.

After being hit continuously, she felt pain in her chest. She stood up tremblingly, only to realize that her eyesight could only see close distances. She sighed weakly, the company is now suffering from internal and external troubles, and she must not collapse at this time.

Not to let others know that there is something wrong with her body.

As an urgent matter, she must find Jacob as soon as possible and let him reset.

Irene discovered Irene’s abnormality. Hurry up to help her. But Irene was thrown away, and Irene cautiously said: “Big Brother, Silvia and the Zhan Family, and the Bai family have a deep connection. She will not make a fuss today for no reason. I am afraid that she deliberately blocked my heart. It’s dragging down my body. I do have some discomfort, but it’s okay. Don’t be too nervous to let others see the clues. Understand?”

Irene instantly understood his sister’s intentions, retreated from Irene’s side, but looked at her worriedly.

Irene said: “The Company has recently suffered internal and external troubles. I could not find the master behind the scenes. She was so upset today, and I suddenly became clear. I informed Guan Xiao and focused on investigating the Bai family. I suspect that the anonymous hacker is from the Bai family. .”

“It is good.”

When Irene came out of the meeting room, her vision became very narrow. But her eagle falcon’s gaze still swept around. Irene understood her sister’s intention, and her gaze fell sharply to the corner of the stairs. Seeing the corner of Silvia’s skirt exposed outside, Irene clenched his fists in anger.

“Irene, you are all right.”

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