Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1108

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Chapter 1108

Irene smiled and said, “She is capable of this.”

Silvia heard the conversation between Irene’s brother and sister. It is expected that they are discussing themselves, blushing with shame.

Sometimes she has to admit that Irene is indeed very smart.

After being expelled from the Yan family, Silvia returned directly to the Bai family.

He told Bai Shuwu about everything that happened in the Yan family, and Bai Shuwu was very happy when he heard that, “That Irene and Aunt Tan Xiaoyu are in love, and Tan Xiaoyu’s life is dead. She will inevitably spend a lot of time in the hospital. And this At that time, Media Asia was empty, and it was the best time for us to take action.”

Bai Shuwu ordered his attendants, “Our pawns that we undercover in Media Asia for many years now have a role to play. Go, call Uncle An.”

“Yes.” The attendant left.

Bai Shuwu looked at Silvia with appreciation, “Silvia, you did a good job. Dad will reward you. From now on, you will stay at Bai’s house and take care of some affairs for me.”

Silvia was very happy, “Yes, Dad.”

Calendar garden.

Irene stood quietly in front of the window, looking at the distant mountains in the dim night. Rubbing his eyes gently.

She thought that as long as she controlled her emotions well and was not angry, sad or anxious, her eyes would soon be better.

However, Irene did not expect that the evil forces behind her were surging singingly, just to completely drown her in the huge waves.

At this moment, Guan Xiao called.

As soon as Irene got on the phone, she heard Guan Xiaohuo’s anxious voice, “President, Uncle An takes the lead in gathering people downstairs to make trouble, and Bai’s employees collectively apply for resignation. What should I do?”

Irene was puzzled: “Uncle An?”

Guan Xiao said, “President, this person was originally a subordinate of the Bai family, and you offended the eldest lady. Uncle An immediately made trouble. The two things must be connected.”

Irene groaned: “Bai’s use of Uncle An to avenge the eldest lady is not the style of the enterprise. In my opinion, Bai’s revenge is false, and it is true to suppress Media Asia.”

Guan Xiao’s expression became serious.

Irene’s face sank: “I’ll come over immediately.”

At the entrance of Media Asia Building, Media Asia Bai’s and some other heads of acquisition departments brought Uncle An to pull up banners to protest against Media Asia’s president for unjustified exploitation of employees’ wages.

Many news media units were invited to the scene, and some people who did not know the truth gathered around to eat melons.

Irene can only comfort those excited employees with good words for such sudden cases, but they were originally the accomplices of the behind-the-scenes chief ambassador, how could they easily leave the scene after receiving bribes from the behind-the-scenes chief ambassador.

When Irene and Guan Xiao arrived at the scene, the scene became a little quieter.

“President Yan, I am an old employee of Media Asia. When the former president was in office, he treated us elderly people very kindly. We never deducted our salary. But when you only took office for a few years, you cut departmental expenses and even reduced employees. Salary. If you do this, you have to give us a statement?” Uncle An stood up, filled with indignation.

Jacob was hiding in the crowd, looking at the old-fashioned Uncle An, he couldn’t help but feel a little worried about Irene.

Her kind of irritable people can beat the ruffians, but she may not be able to win this kind of traitor with the words “I am weak” all over her face.

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