Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1118

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Chapter 1118

“Brother Jie, it’s time to eat breakfast.” Irene smiled brightly, very happy.

Jacob sat up naked.

Irene looked at his handsome upper body like a Greek sculpture and licked his lips.

Jacob: “…”

“Where do your eyes look? Do you know you are ashamed?”

Irene stuck out her tongue at him and muttered: “It’s not that I haven’t seen it.”

Jacob suddenly felt a loss.

She still remembers his body, but he does not remember her. Last night, there was a chance to get to know her, but he let her go when he saw her sleeping so sweetly.

Jacob cast his gaze on Irene’s most proud place, “Come here and show me you.”

Irene clutched her chest and fled Yaoyao.

When Jacob got dressed and came to the restaurant, Irene peeled the eggs for him and put them on his dinner plate thoughtfully.

Passed him the lotus leaf porridge that was stirred at the right temperature.

Jacob looked at her gloomily. “Are you a giant baby?”

Irene said with a hippie smile: “I pet you as a mollusk. You can’t leave me in the future.”

Jacob frowned as he looked at the nutritious and light-smelling diet on the table, “I don’t like breakfast outside.”

Irene said, “This is the porridge I made for you when I got up early in the morning. Eggs and rice cakes are all made by myself.”

Jacob put the rice cake in his hand into his mouth, and the taste was really different from the rice cake bought outside.

The taste is light and slightly sweet. It’s not as sweet and greasy as the rice cakes outside.

Take another sip of lotus leaf porridge. There are no condiments in the lotus leaf porridge, which is his favorite taste.

He looked at her in disbelief, “It’s much better than the ones sold outside. How long have you learned to make this?”

Irene heard his praise and smiled, “Your stomach is not good, so I made a lot of nourishing meals for you when I was very young.”

Jacob chewed the rice cake elegantly. Hearing Irene’s words, he felt that the rice cake was even more sweet and delicious. When he ate it in his mouth, it made his mouth fragrant.

Irene is kind to him that is to spare everything and love him all the way.

Warmth burst into Jacob’s heart.

After enjoying the breakfast silently, Irene put away the dishes and chopsticks. Just when she stood up and was about to carry it into the kitchen, Jacob suddenly reached out and held her little hand.

Irene stared at him blankly.

Jacob passed the bowl in his hand and said, “You won’t have to do housework in the future.”

He entered the kitchen holding the dishes.

Irene leaned against the kitchen door and said, “Why don’t you let me do housework? You can’t deprive me of the right to cook for you.”

Jacob looked sideways at her unhappy little face, a happy smile appeared on her charming face.

It’s nice to have a wife like Irene.

Jacob said: “Because I am not a nanny when I come back from marrying a wife.”

Irene frowned and tried to reason with him, “Someone has to do these jobs. I don’t like using a nanny at home.”

Jacob categorically said: “I do.”

Irene: “…”

Jacob finished washing the dishes and came to her.

“I do housework, you have to reward me.”

Irene was surprised, “What do you want?”

Jacob closed his eyes.

Irene understood in a second, and kissed his lips.

Jacob said with a satisfied expression: “In this way, I will never hate doing housework.”

Irene laughed and laughed.

How did this person get smaller and smaller?

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