Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1119

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Chapter 1119

Irene was in a hurry to go to work. When calling the driver, Jacob cut off her phone.

“I’ll take you to work.”

When Irene went out, Jacob looked at her face with clear soup noodles and frowned, “Aren’t you wearing makeup today?”

Irene touched her face and wondered: “You are back, why do I have to put on makeup? No one dares to bully me when you are there. So I don’t need to be a tigress that makes people smelly. “

As soon as Jacob thought of his little wife who looked like an immortal against the gods, and stunned the heavens under the eyes of those men, he felt very unhappy.

“No. If you didn’t resign from the position of President of Media Asia one day, you had to put on makeup. Otherwise…there would be no deterrent.”

Irene went upstairs to put on makeup.

When Irene came out with makeup, Jacob found the fault again for no reason, “You did not do well today!”

“What’s not good?” Irene was a little puzzled. She obviously follows the same steps every day. With her makeup skills, how could it be different?

Jacob looked at her smoky makeup. do not know why. He used to see her panda eyes as funny and ridiculous, but how he likes it today.

“Not enough hostility.” For a long time, Jacob said.

Irene looked at him speechlessly. She was sure that this guy was paranoid and had a black belly.

“It’s almost late, let’s go.” She took him to the parking lot on the ground.

Jacob sent Irene to the gate of Huanya, and then asked Irene, “Remember to go home early.”

Irene looked at him dissatisfied with her arms. Now that this guy already knew his identity, he didn’t even mean to return to Media Asia.

“Then where are you going?” Irene said.

Jacob prevaricates: “I, go and cultivate relationships with our baby girl.”

Irene thought for a while and exhorted: “You are going to pick up Faith, and I have something to charge you.”

“You said.”

“After a while, no matter what you see, you are not allowed to embarrass Ye Feng.” Irene said.

Jacob’s face showed a touch of astonishment, “Even if Ye Feng bullies Faith, should I just sit back and watch as a daddy?”

Irene said: “You have to take care of it, and you can only take care of your daughter. Because things like wall dongs and hugs happen, it is definitely not Ye Feng’s problem, but your daughter’s cheeky clinging to Ye Feng. Ye Feng dare not dare Teach her, you can’t teach her…”

Jacob was immediately sullen, “Faith is so young, she is trapped by love, who enlightened the bad ailments of this puppy love?”

Irene stared at him blankly, “Maybe it’s hereditary.”

Jacob: “…”

Without even thinking about it, this unruly behavior of premature love is definitely not something that a person like him with super self-control ability does.

Jacob was so angry that he pinched Irene’s face, “How old are you in love?”

Irene said honestly: “Ten years old.”

Jacob almost turned away, squeezing her face even harder, “You can be patient. This beautiful face is not for you to fall in love. Say, which bastard is chasing you? Even before me, I got in front of me. I know who it was and I hacked him to death!”

Irene smiled crisply, “Okay, I will sharpen the knife for you when I turn around, and you will chop him for me.”

Jacob was very angry, “Do you think I dare not?”

Irene said: “I’m sure you won’t cut him.”

“Hmph.” Jacob sneered twice, “Walk and see.”

Irene smiled and said, “Okay, I’m going to work. You can do it yourself.”

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