Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1120

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Chapter 1120

Jacob watched Irene step into the company before turning the front of the car and leaving.

He came to the seal carving market and found a shop with advanced technology. Then placed two urgent orders.

The boss quickly took out the carved seal, handed it to his hand, and said: “Sir, according to your instructions, we deliberately made a flaw in the seal that is invisible to the naked eye.”

“Okay, thank you.” Jacob took the seal. Seeing the yin and yang writing on the old seal deliberately, the corners of his lips curled up with a satisfied smile.

After leaving the seal carving market, Jacob came to Zhanjia.

The eldest lady and Silvia happily greeted them when they learned of the arrival of Jacob.

“Child, can you get Irene’s seal?” The lady couldn’t wait to ask when she saw Jacob.

Jacob nodded. Faintly asked: “What about the contract?”

The lady winked at Silvia, and Silvia turned and entered the room. Soon they came out with a stack of documents, and it seemed that they were already ready.

Jacob took out the two seals and quickly sealed them at the location designated by Silvia.

Silvia was secretly happy, originally worried that Jacob would be suspicious. If he found out that some of the documents in it were from Bai’s enterprise, then the scene might not go on.

She never thought that Jacob was more anxious than them, he just wanted to complete the task earlier, and then return the seal.

Silvia was even more convinced that this seal was true.

After Jacob finished all the documents, the lady asked him to stay for lunch.

Jacob looked at the empty lobby and asked curiously: “Where is Dad?”

The old lady sighed, “I don’t know where to hang around.”

Jacob smiled slyly and declined, “No need. I have to return the seal as soon as possible. If it is discovered by the devil, we will fall short.”

After Jacob left, the lady and Silvia showed ecstasy.

The elder lady ordered: “Silvia, you quickly send the documents to your dad.”

Silvia nodded: “Yeah.”

Then he left with the file.

After leaving the Zhan Family Villa, Jacob took out the two seals, his eyes dark and unpredictable.

“Hmph, all want to use me, but is my Jacob so easy to use?”

Jacob’s face showed a sneer that he was determined to win, “Two seals, I want to see how many ghosts and monsters can be drawn.”

Then, he threw the seal into the trash can next to him without any pity.

Bai’s, Heyuan.

Bai Shuwu flipped through the documents sent by Silvia, his eyes could not hide his ecstasy.

“Silvia, is this stamp really brought out by Jacob?” Bai Shuwu is a scheming fox after all. He always feels that this plan is too easy to succeed, but it feels unreal.

Silvia vowed: “Dad, don’t worry. With a mother coming forward, Jacob is a filial son, and his relationship with Irene is now frozen, and she must be a helpless mother.”

Bai Shuwu’s eyes showed ecstasy: “It’s really God helps me.”

“Come here.”

His attendant walked to him, “Master, what’s your order?”

“Our hackers can tamper with Media Asia’s internal information. When the time is right, they will drain Media Asia’s funds. At that time, we can see Irene facing bankruptcy and paralyzed.”

A touch of ecstasy appeared in Silvia’s eyes.

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