Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1130

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Chapter 1130

“I recognize you as your elder brother.” Chu Yunhe, the most prestigious classmate among his classmates, said boldly.

Seeing that he had expressed his opinion, other students agreed, “Me too.”

Jason said, “Okay!”

Chu Yunhe’s eyes flashed with a cold light, pointing to the weakest male student in the class, “Go on.”

The boy flipped and jumped onto the high ring.

“Jason, can you climb up? Do you want me to hug you?” The boy said with a b!tch.

Provoked other students to laugh.

Jason was wearing a white t-shirt and black sweatpants, with flowing hair and fair skin. In addition, he always carries a bit of cat-like laziness, and he looks like the prince from the comics, who needs protection.

Suddenly the prince was about to fight, and the style of painting seemed contradictory, which was particularly eye-catching.

At this time, everyone’s eyes were on Jason, wanting to see this beautiful prince embarrassed.

Jason thought slowly and walked a few steps forward, then suddenly bounced on the spot and climbed up the high platform.

Without a run-up, it can be seen that his jumping ability is extraordinary.

Even Chu Yunhe was a little surprised, “There are two brushes.”

Just astonished at Jason’s extraordinary jumping ability, never thought that before seeing Jason compete with that boy, the boy screamed and fell from the high platform.

“Come on all.” Jason stood on the high platform, like a young emperor, vigorously vigorous, but he also has the edge to watch the world.

“Damn, does this guy know what he’s talking about? Invite all of us to go up? Is he tired of living and wanting to die?”

Chu Yunhe said, “Go to the three, and test him.”

At this time, the three classmates beside Chu Yunhe flew to the ring. The three of them have spent a long time in the legendary university. They have strong martial arts skills, and the three of them have always been inseparable from training. The tacit understanding of the team is particularly high.

At first they attacked Jason in a scattered manner, but in the end they discovered that the speed of Jason was as fast as lightning.

In the end, they simply reported the group to fight and surrounded Zhansu from three directions, but Zhansu always found loopholes to get out. What is even more exaggerated is that during the whole process, Zhansu’s hands were gracefully backed, and there was no meaning of counterattack. Just relying on a pair of legs to fight against the three, and finally abruptly swept the Hot Wheels formed by the three under the ring.

“Boss, it’s terrible. Jason is the devil. His speed is too fast.” The three people got up from the ground in embarrassment, with a look of horror.

Chu Yunhe said: “I saw it. I don’t know how this kid is, but his speed is daunting.”

Jason waved at Chu Yunhe, “Come on.”

Chu Yunhe flew to the ring.

Chu Yunhe’s specialty is light work, and a person who is light at work means his speed is fast. He stood in front of Jason, but Jason dropped his hands. Because he knew that against Chu Yunhe, speed was no longer dominant.

“War Sui, do it.”

Jason was not polite, and strode forward and adopted the method of close combat with him.

His fists are particularly cruel, with bloodthirsty murderous aura. Waved on Chu Yunhe’s body. Chu Yunhe wanted to use his light power to retreat to widen the distance from Zhansu, but the speed of Zhansu was not to be outdone, and followed him like a shadow.

In the end, Chu Yunhe had no choice but to fight him at close range.

Chu Yunhe’s fighting skills were already mediocre, and he was quickly defeated by Jason with a bruised nose and swollen face.

“Admit defeat.” Jason said.

“I don’t recognize it.” Chu Yunhe stubbornly said.

“Classmates, come up for me.” Chu Yunhe gave an order. All thirty students in the class flew to the ring.

In the training ground of the martial arts class, the usual competitions are conducted in pairs, which can make a sound of shaking the earth.

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