Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1131

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Chapter 1131

Not to mention that the martial arts class group demons out of the hole, the entire training ground gave a huge shock, even the earth was trembling, shocked the students from other classes came to watch.

Finally, the martial arts teacher and Qiao Wan were also attracted.

“Wow, the martial arts class went out of the hole collectively, group fights, this is unprecedented.”

“So many people bully Jason, the students in the martial arts class, have they forgotten their purpose in learning martial arts?”


The students who don’t know the truth have expressed their grievances for the war.

Jason stood in the center of the training ground, surrounded by 29 other students.

Qiao Wan just ran in and saw the battle. She furiously rolled up her sleeves and yelled, “What are you doing? I’m bullying Xiao Jas while my old mother is away, right?”

Then a few somersaults, fell to the side of the war. Caring and thoughtful examination of Jas’s face, “Jas, are you okay.”

Jason’s face turned black. “Get out!”

Qiao Wan said: “I’ll help you.”

“No need.”

Qiao Wan said: “There are so many of them hitting you, and you can’t beat them. What if your face is broken? Oh, I’ll feel sad.”

Jason handed her a death gaze.

Damn, he’s a man, what is it for a man to bleed and hurt? Why must this woman treat him as a little white face?

Chu Yunhe explained to Qiao Wan, “Jason is going to challenge all of us, whoever wins will become the big brother.”

Qiao Wan smiled and said: “Jas, you want to be a big brother, tell me. I can help you beat them bloody. Keep them all kneeling on the ground and calling you big brother.”

Only then did Jason tell the truth, “Don’t make trouble, I will play this ring match. It is in preparation for graduation.”

Qiao Wan’s smile condenses…

“Have you decided to leave?”

Jason nodded.

Qiao Wan whimpered with tears in her eyes, she was 10,000 in her heart, but she walked outside obediently.

At this time, Chu Yunhe raised his arm, and all the students ran towards Jason, and the training ground was immediately shocked.

Jason has studied the martial arts learned by all his classmates, so when fighting them alone, he has obvious advantages.

But when everyone came up in a swarm, he was obviously unable to do what he wanted.

However, thinking of Mommy’s deep dilemma, endless fighting spirit rose in his heart.

In this game, he can only win but not lose.

In his mind, he remembered that three and a half years ago, Daddy had planned for the protection of them, so that he could have a peaceful and peaceful life for these three years.

Now that he has grown up, he should be like Daddy, making a tree and an umbrella, which can shield Mommy from all wind and rain.

Jason had forgotten that this was just a collective training match. The hostility in his eyes emerged. When the fists of his classmates fell on him like rain, his eagle pupils suddenly became blood red.

In an instant, he regarded them all as evil forces three years ago. He waved his fists frantically, forgetting the pain in his body.

Qiao Wan stood by, and every time she saw her fist fall on Jason’s body, Qiao Wan would die of heartache. She closed her eyes and didn’t dare to look at it, and tears were still falling in disobedience.

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  1. Jasooooon 💔😭 it’s okay baby you’ll reunite with your mom soon and will def help her to get rid of those people who continuously bullying her just to get the wealth and title built by your dad. I hope you’ll graduated soon and comee home.


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