Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1138

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Chapter 1138

Looking at the place robbed by her father, Faith showed a desperate expression on her small face.

Imagine that she would walk around in front of her classmates wearing different colors of the same clothes every day, just like a costume show. She felt like a fool.

Faith reluctantly walked to Daddy, “Daddy, just want pink for the same style. I don’t like other colors, why waste money?”

Holding the black card, Jacob said with deep resentment: “Your mommy is so desperate to make money, someone has to spend it.”

Faith could feel her daddy’s dissatisfaction with the workaholic mummy, so she stopped talking.

Jacob left the address for the shopping guide, paid for it, and said, “Send the clothes to the calendar garden.”

“Yes.” The shopping guide smiled.

Coming out of the children’s clothing store, Faith suddenly suggested, “Daddy, go to the adult’s mall, right?”

Jacob thought for a while and nodded, “Yes.”

Faith thought about it, she must remind Daddy, let him drink water not to forget the digger, but also remember to buy clothes for Mommy.

Never thought that there was no need for Faith to remind him, and Jacob went straight to the women’s clothing store.

Faith said: “Daddy, do you want to buy clothes for Mommy?”

Jacob said: “Your mommy wears a suit and jacket every day, and I will get tired of the aesthetics. When it comes, I will buy her some women’s clothing by the way.”

He said by the way, but carefully selected clothes.

That seriousness made Faith very jealous. “Daddy, didn’t you just buy clothes for me very quickly? Why did you buy clothes for Mommy so hard?”

Jacob said: “Because children’s clothing is conservative. Women’s clothing is too conservative.”

Faith: “……”

It took Jacob a long time to choose a few satisfactory skirts.

Faith handed the small mouth to Daddy, and said with a bad idea: “Daddy, do you want to buy some very affectionate clothes for Mommy. Only wear the ones for you…”

Jacob knew everything in his heart and scolded Faith with a black face, “Who told you these things?”

Faith: “The girls in our class secretly saw it from their parents.”

Seeing Jacob unmoved, Faith said: “Daddy, don’t you be so old feudal. Now couples are like this. Think about it, your wife is so beautiful, you don’t want to enjoy it while she is in bloom, waiting for her After that, you regret it.”

Jacob hesitated with a stern face.

Faith stamped his feet, “Hey, I’ll go buy it for Mommy.”

Not long after, Faith came back. Tucked the handbag into the arms of Jacob, “Go back and tell Mommy you bought it. Mommy will be happy.”

Jacob swallowed and looked at his little military division. Squeezed Faith’s face, “You can be patient.”

Faith smiled brightly.

When the father and daughter left the mall, they suddenly heard a clear female voice behind them:

“Brother-in-law, Faith!” The voice was gentle and kind.

Jacob and Faith turned around together and saw a beautifully dressed girl standing in front of them.

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