Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1139

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Chapter 1139

“Who are you?” Jacob frowned.

He remembered that Irene told him that the Yan family only had two daughters, she and Silvia. Then who is this woman who came out out of thin air to call his brother-in-law?

“My name is Luo Shiyu. I am Grace’s younger sister.” Luo Shiyu explained with a smile.

“Grace?” Jacob’s eyes were confused.

When the name flashed in his mind, it didn’t seem so strange.

Faith pulled Jacob’s sleeves and explained in a low voice: “Daddy, Mommy’s previous name was Grace!”

Jacob was very surprised.

Faith may not understand the importance of name and identity. However, Jacob is a person of Dongruo Xuanming.

Irene is the daughter of the Yan family in Yancheng.

Grace should be the daughter of the Luo family in the capital.

A person can only have one unique identity.

Luo Shiyu walked to Jacob, “Brother-in-law, can you take a step to speak.”

Jacob glanced at Faith and exhorted: “Faith, sit here and don’t move, wait for Daddy to come back.”

After Jacob finished speaking, he walked to the side. But his eyes were locked on Faith.

Luo Shiyu followed him and said with tears: “Brother-in-law, you married my sister and made a sensation in the city. One year later, you divorced, but five years later, my sister brought your child back to the imperial capital, you chasing her was crazy. I just want to know, where did my sister go?”

Jacobying’s eyes filled with a huge surprise, “What did you say?”

Luo Shiyu said sadly and sadly: “Our Luo family, after looking for my sister for so long, we couldn’t find it. I think my sister may no longer be alive. You are the prince of the Imperial Capital of Quan Qing, our little Luo family naturally I dare not ask you to reason, but for so many years, every time you dreamt about my brother-in-law at midnight, don’t you really miss my sister? The only woman who gave you three children?”

Jacob’s body trembled, “Three children?”

Luo Shiyu sighed sadly: “Yeah, three children. In addition to Faith, there are also a pair of boys. One is called Jason and the other is Derek. Not only do they look exactly like you, but they are also young talents. But they But like an epiphany, the sky in the imperial capital flashed away, and then was lost in the imperial capital. Brother-in-law, my sister loves you so much, but what happened to her?”

Luo Shiyu took out three photos from his bag and handed them to Jacob. Ning Chu said: “You take a good look, my sister is such a gentle and virtuous girl, Jason and Derek are such smart and beautiful children, who made them disappear, brother-in-law. Can you ask for this justice for me?”

Jacob took the photo. When he saw Grace’s photo, Grace’s harmless face was as weak as a little sheep. At first glance, Faith’s five senses are inherited from Grace.

Her eyebrows are as gentle as moonlight. Let Jacob inexplicably rise a touch of goodwill.

Jacob almost immediately determined that Faith was Grace’s daughter.

After seeing Grace’s photo, he took out the second photo. When he saw the little boy in the photo, he was shocked.

Just because the little boy looks like a copy of him, he doesn’t need to do a paternity test to know that he is his son.

His expression is stern, with a hint of gloom, and his eyebrows are cool and handsome.

When Jacob saw him, his father’s love was overwhelming.

Luo Shiyu explained to him: “This is Jason. Jas has autism and is not very talkative.”

Jacob stroked Jas’s face, he had a strong feeling that he really had this child in his life.

When he drew out the third photo, seeing Derek’s bright smile face, he could no longer restrain his emotions, tears flooded, poking in the enchanting eagle eyes, making him look even more enchanting.

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