Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1140

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Chapter 1140

After clearing up his excitement, Jacob raised his eyes. At this moment, Ying pupil was enveloped in strong hostility. “Luo Shiyu, tell me everything you know.”

Luo Shiyu wiped her tears, feeling lost: “What is the use to tell you now? Those who can’t come back are destined to never come back.

“Say.” Jacob roared like a sleeping lion.

Luo Shiyu trembled. “I don’t know what’s going on. I only know that my sister is gone, but Irene has appeared. Irene is the jewel of the Yan family. My sister is just the most humble illegitimate daughter of the Luo family. How could we fight Irene. We all knew that my sister would lose, but we naively thought that Irene could at best let her sister go home. But she never expected that her sister would disappear inexplicably. “

When Luo Shiyu talked about this, she seemed to be out of control and asked Jacob with tears, “Brother-in-law, have you ever protected your wife and children with your heart? Forget it, even if you didn’t protect yourself, I can still what do you blame?”

Luo Shiyu finished speaking, turned her head and left in despair.

Jacob held the photo in his heart tightly because of force. There is no blood on the fingers.

“Daddy.” Faith suddenly ran over.

Jacob was awakened by the soft voice, put the photo into the pocket of his clothes, and concealed the anger on his face. Turning to look at Faith, he forced a smile.

“Let’s go, let’s go home.”


Not far away, Luo Shiyu hid behind a stone pillar with a weeping sneer in his eyes.

Bai Nanning didn’t know where she came from, patted Luo Shiyu on the shoulder, and said, “Luo Shiyu, doing a good job.”

Luo Shiyu said: “Hmph, Young Master Zhan ruined our Luo family for Irene. Now it’s time for me to take revenge.”

Bai Nanning said: “Don’t worry, as long as our Bai family restores its former glory, I will definitely make your Luo family rise again.”

Luo Shiyu showed a wicked smile.

Imperial capital, war family.

Irene and Guan Xiao suddenly visited the Zhanjia. After the person notified the old lady, the old lady was puzzled.

“Irene, didn’t you say that our two families should avoid contact as much as possible? Is there something particularly important for her this time?”

The old lady was sitting in a wheelchair and pushed out by the servant.

Standing in the middle of the lobby, Irene immediately greeted him when she saw the old lady.

Respectfully salute the old lady: “Grandpa!”

Since Zhan Palmer had an accident with Jacob three years ago, the old lady was overwhelmed with grief, and his health was deteriorating. In just three years, his hair was all white, his spirits were depressed, and he was very old.

Today, you have to rely on wheelchairs to travel.

The old man looked at Irene solemnly, and reprimanded: “Irene, the battle family is immortal, and the last days will not be easy to give up. If you don’t have a big deal, you will not deal with our battle family in the future. Why are you not obedient, for so many years, secretly sponsoring the war family has already committed a taboo, and you ran to the war family yourself.”

Irene said, “Grandpa, it’s about the honor and disgrace of the warrior, and it’s about Huanya’s life and death. I have to go this trip myself as a last resort.”

“Oh?” The old lady was puzzled.

“What’s up?”

Irene looked at the door, “I’ll talk about it when the old lady in the big room arrives.”

Not long after, Zhan Tingye and the lady came to the living room.

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