Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1141

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Chapter 1141

Seeing Irene, the eldest lady was slightly astonished, and the soft image cracked by the resignation, a touch of hatred popped out of her eyes.

“Oh, Irene is here?” The lady’s smile didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes.

After the polite greeting, it was Mianli Zangzhen’s reprimand, “My family Jacob has been back to the emperor for so long, but Irene you have not allowed us to meet him. Why is this? We are all Jacob’s closest relatives, can you know how much we miss him?”

Irene’s face was distressed.

The old lady intervened and took the initiative to relieve Irene, “This is no wonder Irene. After Irene found Jue’er, he notified me as soon as possible. It is me, and I don’t want him to return to this home. Jacob is this home. Too much sacrifice, too much sacrifice. Before he recovers his memory, I don’t want him to recognize his ancestors and return to the clan, because I am worried that the end-time organization will come back to seek revenge…”

When the eldest lady heard the words, a panic flashed across her eyes.

Irene glared at the eldest lady and said bitterly: “The grandfather’s painstaking planning has been ruined by the eldest lady. In order to fulfill Silvia’s selfishness, the eldest lady secretly recognized Brother Jue. If I hadn’t stopped it in time, I’m afraid that brother would Will know many things that should not be known.”

The old lady was furious, “What?”

Zhan Tingye was even more upset, pointing angrily at the lady’s nose, and roared: “Is what Irene said is true? Are you really going to see Jacob behind us?”

The eldest lady burst into tears, pretending to be a mother, and choked: “Master, you don’t know how much I love Jacob. I was ecstatic when I heard that he came back. I crazily missed the child every day. I really couldn’t bear this crazy longing, so I secretly went to meet him behind your back.”

Loving mother and compassion, the old lady and Zhan Tingye couldn’t criticize the compassionate maternal love of the old lady, they just sighed with hatred for iron and steel.

The eldest lady glanced at Irene, her eyes calm and calm.

Irene was slightly surprised, it seemed that she really underestimated this woman. Her scheming City Mansion is far beyond Silvia’s generation.

Fortunately, Irene is not a good crop either. Unceremoniously undressing her mask, “Madam, do you see that Brother Jie is really just a motherly love?”

The eldest lady said docilely: “Irene, you are also a mother. You should be able to experience the pain of separation between mother and child. I think if you change to another mother, you will make the same choice as me. Why do you have to pull Don’t let this matter go?”

Irene clapped her hands, “I didn’t expect the eldest lady to be so eloquent. Okay, since the eldest lady insists that you secretly see that Brother Jie is a maternal lover. Then I have nothing to say.”

Irene pulled out the document from Guan Xiao’s hand, took out the photo inside, and threw it on the coffee table.

“Madam, take a good look at these photos. Are you doing these things because of maternal love?”

A touch of confusion appeared on the lady’s face, and her eyes fell on the photos scattered on the coffee table. She doesn’t know what she saw, and suddenly her pupils rushed to tear up the photo.

The eldest lady’s move truly complied with the lack of silver three hundred taels.

Zhan Ting Ye Ying pupil shrank and stretched out his hand to her angrily and ordered: “Bring it.”

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