Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 928

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Chapter 928

“There are only twelve people, I’m afraid they are not enough for the four of you to kill!”

The corner of Shaun’s mouth curled up and said quietly.


Four people?

Leng Aotian was taken aback for a moment, then asked suspiciously:

“Mr. Lin, Lao He, and I are at your disposal. There is no difference! It’s just that we are two people…”

Leng Aotian couldn’t figure out whom the four people Shaun was referring to.

After hearing this, Shaun glanced at the distance with a smile, and then said:

“The other two are here too as well!”


Hearing this, Leng Aotian and others quickly turned around and looked.

They suddenly saw two ghostlike figures whizzing past in the distant dark.

These two figures are incredibly fast.

Almost instantly, they rushed out of the dark and came in front of everyone.

“Bloody Buddha!”

“Blood wolf!”

When they saw the two coming, Leng Aotian and Helenshan got shocked.

They were afraid that they would not be able to forget it for the rest of their lives. The scene in the gym where the two of them were crushed by a blood wolf and has become their biggest nightmare.

And now…

“Blood servant sees the king!”

“Blood Wolf sees the king!”

At this moment, after the bloody Buddha and the blood wolf came to Shaun, their expressions were a little flushed with excitement, and they puffed at Shaun, knelt on one knee, and worshiped devoutly.


After seeing the appearance of Bloody Buddha and Blood Wolf.

The man in black who first came to report was almost paralyzed to the ground at this moment.

Great Master!

And his four subordinates!

Just the unconsciously horrible aura of the four of them gave the black man a feeling of sore legs and feet, almost scared to pee.

However, the man in black knew that the most terrifying person in this place was the young Shaun in a kitchen outfit with a cigarette in his hand.

“Mr. Lin felt awkward to let four great masters worship him. This is simply a man of God!”

The black-clothed man looked at Shaun, and in his heart he also worshiped.

As if looking at an idol, he looked at Shaun.

“Mr. Lin! Just after leaving Jiang City, Blood wolf and I ran into four Land Rover. There were 13 people on it. One was killed by Blood wolf, and there were twelve left!”

“We suspect that they are white angels, who are here for you!”

Bloody Buddha said respectfully to Shaun at this moment.

When he heard that the blood wolf has killed a grandmaster figure casually, the man in black was even more shocked.

Why do you feel that in the eyes of these big men, killing a master is as simple as cutting melons and vegetables?

At this moment, Shaun didn’t care about the shock of the black man.

He just nodded slightly:

“I already know!”

“These white angels should have been brought by Bai Chen! They can not do anything to my family. Most likely, they are close to me!”

“Tianlong Xu, Blood Rose, Master Dao, Master Tiger, and others!”

“Since your both are back, please stay! Along with Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain, do something for them!”

That’s it!

At the corner of Shaun’s mouth, the smile became more and more gloomy:

“Whoever is unruly, kill!!!”

These words have already doomed the tragic ending of the Twelve Grand Masters of White Angels.

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