Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1145

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Chapter 1145

Jacob was flabbergasted and said meaningfully: “Oh, really? Do you like that time?”

She used to be not the president of Media Asia, and she was not powerful. Can not live, kill and plunder at will. Would she like it?

Irene leaned her head on his shoulder and said sentimentally: “I miss the past. We didn’t have any troubles. The world and everything, I only have you in my eyes, and you have only me in your eyes. Unlike now, there is so much helplessness…. ..”

As Jacob listened to her, he couldn’t help but hug her tighter.

How he hoped that everything Luo Shiyu said was fake.

He and Irene just loved and stayed together in such a simple way.

After dinner.

Jacob was in charge of washing the dishes, while Irene and Faith came to the back garden to enjoy the flowers.

His mobile phone suddenly sent out a text message to remind him to vibrate. Jacob took out the phone and saw the text message from his mother displayed on the top of the phone screen. After a moment, he slammed the phone away.

The content of the text message was: “Child, Irene hurt me, my mother is dying, come and save me.”

Jacob’s complexion was pale, his body only felt invaded by a burst of ice.

What did Irene do to his mother?

Jacob put down his bowl and chopsticks, staggering and rushing out.

When Irene and Faith returned from enjoying the flowers, Faith called daddy a few times, but did not hear Jacob’s response.

Irene went to the kitchen and saw that the dishes in the kitchen had not yet been classified, Irene’s body trembled slightly. Her face suddenly turned pale.

The reason that allowed him to leave behind their mother and daughter without saying goodbye is probably not simple.

Irene put the bowls and chopsticks into the disinfection cabinet uneasy, but because of the sudden shaking of her hands, all the bowls she was holding shattered to the ground.

Irene knelt down and picked up the pieces. Tears couldn’t help but whirling down.

“Brother Jie, he left without even saying a word, because he didn’t believe me?”

Her hands were shaking so badly that she couldn’t pick up the fragments accurately every time, so that the edges of the fragments cut through her skin. When she cleaned up the fragments, her hands were already stained with blood.

Seeing Mommy’s hand, Faith hurriedly brought up the medicine box, pressed Mommy to sit on the sofa, and thoughtfully said: “Mommy, I will disinfect for you.”

Irene ignored her injury and took her daughter’s hand and pleaded: “Faith, call Daddy and tell him to go home.”

“Fine. When I help you deal with the wound, I must call Daddy back.” Faith said.

At the same time.

According to the navigation map the lady gave him, Jacob successfully found the lady who was kept in the dark room.

There was a small door at the bottom of the door panel of the darkroom. Through this small door, Jacob saw the lady lying in a pool of blood.

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