Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1146

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Chapter 1146

“Mom.” He cried anxiously.

The old lady crawled up to him weakly and complained to him angrily about her tragic experience, “Child, mother, I’m sorry for you, and mother is ashamed of Zhanjia.”
The old lady’s strategy of surrendering her mistake was only to win the favor of Jacob.
The eldest lady cried: “But the child, the mother also has her own difficulties. Mother and Bai Shuwu are childhood sweethearts, and both parents are happy to see it. With their support, I will give everything to love. Who ever thought, My family will go bankrupt, and the Bai family is snobbish, forcing me to divorce. I tried to elope with Bai Shuwu, but our plan failed. We were caught back, and he was interrupted by a leg, and I couldn’t save him. Don’t agree to the Bai family, marry the Zhan family.”

“My mother was forced to marry your father. For so many years, your father has treated me very well, but I always have a thorn in my heart. I was forced to marry him and cannot treat him sincerely.”

Speaking of this, the lady’s eyes aroused a touch of anger, “Irene found out that I was still in contact with Bai Shuwu, so she shamelessly told the Zhanjia that we were cheating. I know her thoughts, she was afraid of the two alliances of Zhanbai and the destruction of the world. Ya. She really does everything for me. She doesn’t care about my helplessness, let alone my identity as a mother or an elder.”

Jacob asked the eldest lady indifferently, “Have you ever told Irene that you and Bai Shuwu are only in a normal relationship?”

The lady said: “She knows. She knows everything.”

Jacob asked again: “Have you ever told her plainly that you have no intention of harming Media Asia when you associate with the Bai family?”

The eldest lady said excitedly: “My child, you just believe her too much. Just like before, no matter what she says or does, you will indulge her. But the result? Develop her spoiled and domineering character. In the end, it hurts others and hurts herself. You are the one who has suffered?”

Jacob’s long eyelashes trembled lightly, and he was convinced of what the lady said. Because he saw Irene, he would inexplicably give birth to protect her and believe her desire.

The eldest lady suddenly smiled bitterly, “You are infatuated with her, but what about her? She transformed our war family from the first diamond giant in the imperial capital to a commoner, and she transformed you from a high-ranking prince who calls the wind and the rain into an amnesia. Patient, it’s even more hateful. She lost my two good grandchildren…”

Jacob’s pupils shrank, and he felt that his eyes were dark, and he was about to faint. He put his hands on the wall so that he didn’t faint to the ground.

He stood up slowly, “How do you want me to help you?”

The eldest lady said: “Your father is angry now. He doesn’t allow anyone to see me, he wants to starve me to death. Son, I have spent half my life to raise you, and I have never asked you to give me anything back. Now mother If you are in trouble, just let me out, okay?”

Jacob was severely injured and had a severe headache. During the conversation, he just confided, “You have this end today, and you are on your own. You have lied to me with Silvia, and you can’t believe your words. I let you go today, and I have the right to repay you for your years of nurturing. In the future. , I won’t interfere with your affairs anymore!”

He unlocked the outer lock of the dark room, and the lady stood up and staggered out.

The person who was clearly about to leave suddenly thought of something, and said to Jacob: “Child, whether you believe the mother’s words or not, but the mother still has to remind you not to end up as sad as your son.”

After the eldest lady finished speaking, she ran away in panic enduring pain.

In Jacob’s mind, the child’s innocent voice suddenly sounded: “Daddy!”

The other voice was very calm: “Daddy!”

Jacob’s face was pale, dragging his heavy body, painfully moving forward step by step.

When Faith’s call came, Jacob looked at the phone screen and slowly opened the phone.

“Daddy, where are you?” Faith’s voice was with a hint of crying. “You come back soon. Mommy’s hands are shaking so badly, I’m afraid, daddy!”

Jacob hung up the phone silently.

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