Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1147

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Chapter 1147

Jacob didn’t know how he returned to the calendar garden. Obviously, he wanted to escape from this suffocating place. But in the end, he came back by ghost.

He knew that no matter how unqualified his wife Irene was, he still cared about her and loved her subconsciously. He can’t hear her doing anything.

Love, like a call, brings him back to Irene. However, there was a clear confrontation on his face again.

When he opened the door of the villa and saw Irene sitting quietly on the sofa, his eyes met, his eyes were filled with a faint anger, and she, with a guilty conscience.

He walked up to her, holding his white shirt in his hand, but it was stained with blood red. He just looked down at her condescendingly.

Irene was forced to look up at his face. Anger was shrouded in his handsome face.

Irene looked dim, and said: “Have you gone to the Zhanjia?”

Jacob was slightly startled. A self-deprecating sneer appeared on the handsome face. He is always dreaming with extravagant hopes, and all the intrigues have nothing to do with her.

But looking at her clear face, he knew that not all of his mother’s accusations were groundless.

“Irene, she is my mother. When you put her to death, did you ever think about my feelings?” Jacob’s lips curled up with a magnificent sneer.

Irene trembled. “Brother Jie, I did all this for you!”

Jacob roared out of control suddenly, “Don’t say so grandiosely, if you really love me, how can you be willing to hurt my love?”

His roar finally turned into a scream: “Irene, your love is paranoid, narrow, and full of selfishness. Did you know?”

Irene was so severely injured that she was about to fall, and her hands under her sleeves that finally calmed down began to shake like a sieve.

The tension of the arm muscles rushed to the limbs like an electric current. Soon, she felt like a person in an iron box, with every muscle in her body tense and unable to move.

Only by the ear, Jacob’s angry and desperate voice sounded, “I only ask you this once. I hope you can answer me honestly. My wife used to be Grace, right?”

Irene’s breathing muscles tightened, and she was speechless.

At that moment, the whole body was occupied by panic.

She was so afraid that Brother Jie would be dizzy by those confusing rumors, afraid that an atheist like him would completely forget the fact that she was a soul-changing person.

If that were the case, he would not be able to solve the puzzles that happened to her. He will only misunderstand her deeper.

She controlled herself desperately and nodded hard.

Her honesty made Jacob very surprised.

The ice in his eyes melted slightly, and the hostility of his voice slightly diminished. “Then tell me, where is my son?”

Irene burst into tears when she heard him mention his son.

Over the years, she has always felt that it is her mission to protect Media Asia and find her son. However, she failed very much.

She has no face to see him.

She was silent and did not speak, yet with such a resisting expression, Jacob’s anger jumped up.

He suddenly squeezed her chin in anger and roared, “Where are they?”

Irene shook her head.

She didn’t know, she really didn’t know.

Jacob is like a mad lion, suddenly erupting into thunderous fury. “Irene, your love is really poisonous.”

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  1. How about tell him everything. Like what happened 3yrs ago,why jason and derek are not there and why he got an amnesia. Isn’t it better than being played by people around him then believe what they said? It’s better to dropped all of it at once so that the consequences and blow happen at once too. Why complicate things it makes no sense at all. Did author really love torturing his or her story characters this much?

  2. She got induced by him too. She’s stupid. Please just gave back his company and live with faith away from him. Heal yourself and find your sons. I really feel pity and bad for your character on this story irene. You deserve better. You deserve to be happy with your children, and you don’t deserve to be put on a situation where it cause you emotionally and physically pain again and again. Like give you a very short happiness then snatch it away and let you suffer more than a hundred times.

  3. It’s funny how he has the nerve to say that her love is poisonous when Irene experience life and death so many times, been mentally tortured and all because of his love because of him and because of loving him.


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