Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1148

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Chapter 1148

He let go of her angrily, turned and left in embarrassment.

He didn’t see that Irene’s stiff body fell stiff to the ground. Helpless eyes fell on his stalwart back.

His words pierced her chest like a dagger.

“Irene, I really hate myself for living like a clown. All of you use it as a pawn, at your will. I’m leaving. From now on, I will do it for myself!”

Irene desperately tried to catch him and tell him all the truth, but she couldn’t scream and couldn’t move.

She stared straight at the ceiling, waiting for the damn panic to pass quickly.

But Tongbao was sent away personally by her not long ago.

Because she wants to use tonight to have a long conversation with Jacob.

She originally wanted to resolve all his confusion. Unexpectedly, he had the breath of destroying her as soon as he returned home, and her body was so unbelievable, he just said a few serious words, and her panic attack occurred.

Since childhood, she was afraid of him being angry.

She is just like that.

Black is coming slowly.

Irene closed her eyes in despair.

In the dead of night, people do not know when the patter of rain will start under the sky.

A white figure, like a ghost, shuttles on the corridor of the Bai Family Courtyard. Finally, he fell to the door of the big room, flapping the door with his weak hands.

Before long, the door was pulled open from the inside.

Seeing the figure sitting on the ground, the door opener let out a cry of surprise. “Madam?”

Then he looked around and helped the scarred lady into the living room.

“Madam, wait, I’ll notify the master.”

The servant left a word and threw the scarred lady into the living room and left alone.

The old lady hobbled to the sofa and sat down tremblingly. She hadn’t eaten for a whole day, was hungry and dizzy, and her body hurts and started to inflame. At this moment, it is really better to die.

Not long after, Bai Shuwu came out in a wheelchair. Seeing the appearance of the lady, he asked suspiciously: “What’s wrong with you?”

The elder lady smiled weakly: “Shu Wu, he and I are over. From then on, I can come back to you.”

Bai Shuwu was stunned for a long time, and then nervously asked, “Does anyone know if you are here?”

The eldest lady shook her head, “I just waited until this time to come over, just don’t want anyone to see me. Shuwu, don’t worry, no one will follow me this time.”

Bai Shuwu breathed a sigh of relief, and then said: “Now is the critical moment for us to defeat Media Asia. I don’t want to fail. What is going on with your injury?”

The eldest lady looked at Bai Shuwu, perhaps she had suffered without power. The man’s sudden desire for power was so powerful that she was a little frightened.

“It’s Irene, who exposed my collusion with the Bai family to Zhan Tingye.” The lady tremblingly said.

Intuition told her that Bai Shuwu didn’t seem to be the boy who could do everything for her.

Sure enough, Bai Shuwu was so angry that he clenched the handrails.

The eldest lady hurriedly said: “Shu Wu, don’t worry too much. Irene did not negotiate for a bargain this time, because she will plan to plant a seed of doubt for Jacob. You have not seen Jacob heard it. After the story, she made up, the look of despair. She can guarantee that the relationship between the two of them will definitely break this time.”

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  1. Irene from now on live your life to the fullest. Free yourself and love only your self. You have 3 little children that needs a mom like u. If you end up being dead because of love again I don’t know how painful it is for them.


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