Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1149

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Chapter 1149

Bai Shuwu heard the words and slowly loosened his clenched fists.

Bing Han’s face showed a hypocritical face, “Since you are injured, you will stay here to heal your injuries. I will not treat you badly.”

When the eldest lady heard this, a relieved expression appeared on her face.

After the eldest lady was taken down by her subordinates, a suspicious light gleamed from Bai Shu’s dark eyes, and she turned her head and told his attendant: “Go and find out immediately, what’s happening in Irene.”


Continuous rain fell all night, dawn broke, and the morning light shone from the horizon.

When the golden light beam covers Huanya, it leaves behind light and shadow, bright and dark mottled light and shadow.

When the bell rang for work, the heavy doors of Media Asia’s high-level meeting room were pushed open, and participants arrived one after another.

However, Irene, the protagonist of the meeting, did not appear from beginning to end.

Guan Xiaoxing hurriedly found Irene and asked nervously, “Why hasn’t the president come yet? Today is the shareholders meeting. If she doesn’t come, I’m afraid it will cause commotion.”

Irene hurriedly called Irene, but after one call after another, no one answered the call.

Irene speculated: “Zhan Shao was with her yesterday. Irene should be happy in her heart. It stands to reason that her illness shouldn’t have a flare?”

Guan Xiao has always been cautious, “Irene, you have to go to the Calendar Garden quickly. The president has encountered too many troubles recently, and she is afraid that her body can’t hold it…”

Irene’s face turned pale, turned around and ran wildly.

Irene rushed to the Calendar Garden in a hurry, pushed open the door of the villa, and saw Irene lying dead on the ground.

Irene’s legs seemed to be filled with lead in an instant, dragging his awkward legs into Irene slowly. Then he knelt in front of Irene with a puff, and muttered in pain: “Irene, what’s the matter with you?”

Irene’s voice came out, “Big Brother, I… stepped into the footsteps of Grandpa…”

Irene only felt her whole body soft, so he fell to the ground.

“Irene, we give up Media Asia, give up the amnesia Jacob, brother takes you abroad, adjust your mood well, before long, you will recover. Okay?” Irene almost begged.

Irene was stubborn, “Brother, don’t blame him. He has a harder life than us, he is stronger than us, and he hates being arbitrarily manipulated as a pawn. However, I have to lie to him, but it is a taboo to lie to him. , Made a gap on the Great Wall of Trust. He is forgiven for not believing me.”

Irene said: “But you lied to him for his good.”

Irene said sentimentally: “I can see that he has been lobbying himself to believe in me. He is doing this very hard. If it weren’t for the lady to confuse him with the dual identities of Grace and Irene, he would not be fooled. How could he guess that I am a soul-changing person born for love.”

Irene was so sad that he choked up, “Stop talking, I beg you not to say good things for him. The more you treat him like this, the more you indulge him like this without a bottom line, I feel you It’s been a difficult life, my brother feels so painful, Irene. Do you know, my heart is almost to death when my brother sees you in such pain?”

“Big brother, you have to believe me. My will is very strong, and I will be well soon.”

Irene roared, “If there is no Lord Zhanhan in this world, I believe you will get better. But Lord Zhanhan is your taboo, your life, and he is your emotional switch. With him, how can you get better? ?”

Irene said hopefully, “I believe that one day, he will understand all my efforts today.”

Irene said: “Silly sister, stop talking. I will take you to the hospital first.”

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  1. The stupidiest person I’ve known is Irene character! Big bro irene should drag her away instead force her to go on a place where she can heal. Don’t bother if she’s reluctant to leave or she don’t want. But girl LOVE CAN KILL! Before he forgives you for all the lies that he considered unforgivable YOU ALREADY LYING ON A COFFIN with COLD BODY!


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