Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1150

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Chapter 1150


Irene sent a decisive text message to Guan Xiao: “Irene can’t control the life and death of Huanya. Find a solution by yourself.”

When Guan Xiao saw such a text message, he guessed that Irene’s situation was not optimistic.

Guan Xiao stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking at the rising sun, with a gloomy face, “Is it true that the sky is about to perish Huanya? Foster father, this is definitely not the result you want to see. You founded Huanya when you were young. I said that you have to work hard to accumulate wealth and become the top person in the pyramid. Only then can you be worthy of standing next to her. Media Asia is a symbol of your love. President Yan’s love for you is still there. How can Media Asia perish? “

“Foster father, tell me, what should I do?”

After careful consideration, Guan Xiao paced to the vast conference room.

In the past, standing next to him, Jacob, or Irene, in the vast sea of stars, he had a sense of pride in controlling everything.

But today, Guan Xiao felt so powerless.

“The president is in ill health. Today’s meeting is postponed until five days later.” Guan Xiao walked to the podium in the conference room and announced the message. He disregarded the suspicions of shareholders and hurriedly left.

The president was in ill health, and it was a double-edged sword to release the news. Those who are eyeing Media Asia, he is afraid that they are even more unscrupulously manipulating Media Asia’s life and death.

However, Guan Xiao wisely postponed the general meeting of shareholders to five days later, like a smoke screen, suggesting that the shareholders and the president are in ill health, but they are not in the way.

In five days, he believe that both sides will be on the sidelines.

And Guan Xiao must use these five days to find a way to save Huanya.

Media Asia Hospital.

After the doctor performed routine tests on Irene, he determined that Irene’s EMG was abnormal.

The doctor said with great regret to Irene: “President, your obstacles have obviously extended to the limbs. The near-death symptom that happened to you last night was panic anxiety. As a doctor, I must remind you: pay attention to rest and ease your emotions. Eliminate all factors that can cause your emotional upset. Otherwise, the near-death symptoms will come again…”

Irene raised her arm weakly, a movement that was usually easy, but today it seemed to be a thousand obstacles.

Irene sighed in despair.

“I’m so useless.”

Irene’s condition, after all, could not be wrapped in paper, and it was spread to great rumors.

The imperial capital Baishi.

After Bai Shuwu heard the news, he was ecstatic.

“Haha, Irene, what can you do even if you have a top hacker? What can you do even if you have iron-blooded wrists? After all, God is going to be on my side. When you fall, Media Asia will be gone forever.”

Silvia glanced at the eldest lady and asked for credit: “Dad, this time thanks to her mother’s divorce plan. Successfully causing Jacob to hurt Irene’s heart, Irene will be devastated.”

Bai Nanning was very unconvinced, “Without Luo Shiyu’s help, do you think Shao Zhan would easily believe your words? Luo Shiyu successfully convinced Shao Zhan that Faith’s mom was Grace, not Irene. This trick It’s not unwise.”

Bai Shuwu was happy and said: “You all have merit. After the matter is done, I will reward you heavily.”

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