Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1156

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Chapter 1156

The boss saw Jacob, and his pupils shone brightly: “This is really a rare visitor. The Prince of the Imperial Capital is not a thing in the pool, but I am very lucky to visit our shop.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Jacob pulled away the chair in front of the boss and sat down gracefully.

“I’ve inquired about it. You Dog Bank specializes in taking pictures of the private lives of the upper class. I am here today and want to make a deal with you.”

“Zhan Shao, you said.” The boss nodded and bowed.

“I want to know what happened to you. Tell me everything you know.”

The boss made a dilemma, “Shao Zhan, you should know that in our business, it costs a lot to shoot a message secretly. Shao Zhan, you know too much, who should I charge?”

Jacob almost blurted out, “Go to Media Asia for a fee.”

After exiting, he felt annoyed again. Since he had the heart to keep a distance from Irene, why did he always keep her in his mind?

The boss is happy to spend, “You ask Zhan Shao, I know everything is endless.”

“Marriage history.” Jacob said.

The boss was startled slightly, and then a touch of confusion appeared on his face, “Zhan Shao’s marriage history is really incredible to say.”

Jacob cheered up, held his breath and listened quietly.

“The young man Zhan became famous, he was talented, and he called the wind and the rain in the imperial capital. It was a man that so many ladies and ladies wanted to marry. But Young Zhan married Grace, an illegitimate daughter of the Luo family. Na Grace grew up in the country. , I heard that her academic performance was very poor. After the Luo family took her back to the imperial capital, she could not be admitted to a very good school. So she was called “stuffed bag”.”

Jacob frowned, it sounded that he really couldn’t be tempted by Grace like this.

“What happened later?” Jacob suppressed his temper.

“One year later, Shao Zhan divorced Grace. This is a result that everyone can foresee. It is not surprising at first, but it is strange that Shao Zhan received a mysterious gift not long after the divorce, that is, you. Jason, the son of Jason. This has subverted our perception of you. After years of abstinence, you even had a child with Cao Bao Grace. I don’t know if you are true to her or the result of a temporary instinct?”

Jacob said: “War Sui?”

The boss said: “Five years later, Grace came back with a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses. I heard that Zhan Shao wanted her for a long time, and tortured Grace Mother and daughter unscrupulously, just when all of us thought Grace could not survive. A few days later, Zhan Shao’s style of painting changed, but he held her to the palm of his hand, taking care of her. This is really intriguing.”

Not to mention that the boss felt intriguing, even Jacob sounded quite suspicious.

The boss explained: “Of course, we guessed that the reason why Zhan Shao could admire Grace might be because of the pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses Grace brought home. Very smart and cute.”

Jacob secretly denied that if he likes children, he will use whatever means to snatch them to his side, and definitely won’t be wronged because of the children to marry a straw bag.

When the boss said this, he stopped the following.

Jacob looked at the boss and actively mentioned, “So, does the boss know the story of Yancheng Yan Chengling and me?”

The boss smiled and said: “Zhan Shao and Miss Yan, talented and beautiful, a pair of beautiful people. Unfortunately, your childhood sweetheart love is just like a flash in the pan, fading in reality.”

Jacob’s eyes were instantly submerged in the deep darkness. The whole body trembled and shook lightly. “So, how much do you know about what happened to me three years ago?”

“Which one do you mean?”

“For example, why did our war family fall?”

“Also, why did I have a car accident?”

The boss said: “The story is a bit long, listen to me slowly telling you…All your tragedies are caused by your domination, Irene… and Irene empathizes and falls in love A demon… his name is Yu Chengqian…”

Jacob’s handsome face suddenly became gloomy.

Behind the scenes of Goujixing’s boss’s office, Silvia secretly hid inside. A triumphant expression appeared on her face.

“Irene, once, how much Jacob loved you, in the future, he will hate you twice.”

“Your good days are over.”

Media Asia Medical Department.

Irene can be said to live like years.

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