Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1158

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Chapter 1158

The boss is still adding fuel and jealousy to exaggerate Irene’s sins, “Young Zhan, whether Irene and Yu Chengqian have betrayed you, we don’t know. However, the Zhanjia Tourmaline Manor was indeed destroyed because of Yu Chengqian. You and your right-hand man Jincao It is indeed because of Yu Chengqian who suffered the death.”

After a pause, the boss sighed: “We just don’t understand. Once you and Irene were also childhood sweethearts, why did you come to the point where they turned against each other? It is regrettable.”

The loss in Jacob’s eyes turned into despair, and finally condensed into intense anger.

“You talk nonsense!”

The door of the office was suddenly kicked open.

Jacob looked at the angry Guan Xiao, and said angrily: “What are you doing?”

After seeing Lord Jacob, Guan Xiao turned into meek and courteous, “President, don’t listen to his nonsense, he has the heart to provoke your relationship with President Yan.”

Jacob said angrily: “It has nothing to do with you.”

Guan Xiao sighed weakly, standing sideways on the side. At this time, Irene pushed Irene in.

When Jacob saw Irene sitting in a wheelchair, there was a glimpse of surprise in his pupils. But soon, he forced his worries about her to the bottom of his heart.

A woman like Irene has always been cunning.

He couldn’t be confused by her appearance.

“Brother Jie, come home with me, I will tell you the truth you want to know.” Irene pleaded.

The corner of Jacob’s lips curled up with a wicked sneer, “Can I still trust you?”

Irene felt extremely lost, “Brother Jie, believe me. I promise, I won’t lie to you this time.”

Jacob approached Irene step by step, his handsome face with a mocking smile, “Irene, tell me whose daughter Faith is?”

Irene said, “It’s our daughter.”

Jacob closed his eyes in despair, perhaps because he was completely desperate for her deception. This time he burst out with unprecedented anger, “Yan-Zheng-Ling, you are lying. Faith is Grace’s daughter! “

His aura was shocking, and Irene was a little overwhelmed with fright.

After he yelled at her, he wanted to leave.

At this time, Irene said to Guan Xiao: “Take him home. I will explain to him slowly.”

As soon as Irene’s voice fell, Jacob slashed at Guan Xiao, “Don’t want to touch me.”

Guan Xiao didn’t guard him, he was kicked to the ground, looking at Jacob helplessly. “President Zhan, you just listen to President Yan, right?”

Jacob has now determined that his wife is Grace and that his child was born to him and Grace. He felt very worried about his family members who had disappeared inexplicably.

And all the evidence he investigated, including the fragmented memories he recovered, all accused Irene as the murderer who broke his family.

Irene was anxious to take him home again, contrary to his wishes, in Jacob’s opinion, Irene was a robber.

His backlog of enmity suddenly broke out, and he stretched out his large pliers-like hands to pinch Irene’s throat and roared: “Irene, don’t squander my love for you. If that day comes, I will not spare you lightly.”

Irene’s throat was confined by him, only his breathing was tight, and his brain lacked oxygen-soon his face began to pale.

She stretched out her hand to grab his hand in panic, but her strength was so weak—in vain.

Seeing the hostility in his eyes, she knew that their relationship had really reached the worst step unknowingly. She closed her eyes in despair, not daring to look at his violent eyes.

Tears gushed out uncontrollably, moistening the fan-like long eyelashes.

When Jacob saw her tears, his uncontrollable reason slowly withdrew.

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