Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1188

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Chapter 1188

Jacob stretched out his hand and gently tied her messy hair behind her ears, then stroked her jade porcelain-like face, and said distressedly: “Irene, you have lost weight.”

Jacob’s attitude towards Irene was different. This makes Irene have a great opinion of him.

Irene looked at the Jacob in the perspective mirror speechlessly, and ridiculed: “Don’t show your affection, I look irritable.”

Jacob frowned, “What are you upset about?”

Irene said: “My little cabbage was eaten by you, shouldn’t I be upset?”

Jacob: “…”

The black face corrected gloomily: “You figure it out, this little cabbage is not yours. I raised it.”

Irene was speechless.

“You are really overbearing.”

Jacob exerted his domineering style to the extreme, “Irene, I warn you. If you try to prevent me from being together with Irene in the future, I will let you never enter the door of the Zhan family for the rest of your life.”

Irene said duplicity: “Who so… rarely enters the door of your war family?”

Jacob said, “Can you not see my Phoenix Fairy in this life?”

Irene looked back at Jacob angrily: “What’s the matter with Janice?”

Jacob said: “She is my sister, a member of my Zhan family.”

Irene was so angry that he almost bit his lip, “Why are you so shameless?”

Jacob’s eyebrows were flying.

Irene puffed and said: “Forget it, I won’t stop you from being with my sister. From tomorrow, I will come to your house every day, and I will monitor you to see if you will bully my sister. I am annoying you. “

Jacob frowned and smiled.

Irene came to Calendar Garden, Irene should be happy in her heart!

Irene parked the Rolls Royce at the door of the Calendar Garden. After Jacob got out of the car holding Irene, his pupils fixedly looked at the book-scented plaque, which was engraved with the big characters of Calendar Garden.

Irene looked at the dazed Jacob and teased: “What’s so good about this? Isn’t this calendar garden the name you gave it? Why, now you finally find out that this name is so pitiful, right?”

Jacob nodded, “Yes.”

After Jacob entered the house holding Irene, Irene followed Jacob like a worm.

Jacob only wanted to be alone with Irene, so as not to look at Irene in a sudden, “It’s getting dark, don’t you go back?”

Grandpa Irene sat on the sofa, lying on his back, and said sharply: “I won’t go back. I have to stay and watch you.”

Jacob’s face turned black. “No, it’s not convenient for you here.”

Irene said: “What is inconvenient?”

Suddenly realizing something, Irene yelled, “Couldn’t you mean that you want to talk to my family…roll the bed?”

Blushing and rudely protesting, “This is absolutely not good, Irene’s body is not healthy yet.”

Jacob glared at Irene, “Why are you full of sh!t?”

Irene muttered, “Isn’t it inconvenient that you said? Apart from this inconvenience, what else can be inconvenient?”

Jacob walked upstairs holding Irene, and said: “I want to bathe Irene. Would you like to watch?”

“You are cruel.”

Irene blushed and hurried to escape.

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