Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1189

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Chapter 1189

Jacob came to the bedroom holding Irene and gently put her on the bed. He knew that she might not be able to hear him, but he was still gentlemanly asking her for advice.

“Irene, it’s time to take a shower.”

When he stretched out his hand to undress her, who knew Irene’s little hand was holding her buttons, Jacob was afraid that she would not be able to hear him, so he put his mouth to her ear and whispered: “Irene, Brother Jue will help you. Shower.”

Irene’s ears were red with shame.

Jacob suddenly smiled brightly. He was as handsome as a divine mansion, and his smile was even more charming and charming.

“Irene, are you shy?” He scraped her nose happily.

At this time, his heart was agitated, because he was sure that Irene had a certain degree of hearing.

Irene was not deaf in the first place, but she was proud of herself, thinking that for the rest of her life, she might be bedridden all year round and burden others like her grandfather, she couldn’t accept such a result in her heart.

So it became less verbal.

Jacob stretched out his hand and rubbed her little head dozingly, and placed his chin on her head naturally and intimately. He smiled and said, “You can hear it, don’t you?”

Irene did not return him.

Jacob said to her “Irene, I’m sorry. Brother Jie let you down. You love me so much, you lost your life and disfigured you for me, but I’m such a bastard, I would believe my mother’s words, Make you feel wronged.”

Irene’s face was pressed against his chest, feeling his chest ups and downs due to anger, Irene felt so distressed.

In fact, she is a reasonable girl. She felt that Brother Jie had already lost his memory, he would believe what the eldest lady said just because he was a filial person. Furthermore, she had a history of deceiving him, and it is understandable that it is difficult to gain his trust.

Although he doubted her, he never did any harm to her. If there is no love, with his violent character, it is impossible to be so tolerant to her.

To blame, blame her for being too indecisive at the beginning and worrying about gains and losses. It caused him to misunderstand her more and more.

Jacob’s confession continued, “Irene, what should Brother Jie do? Can you relieve your pain? Let you return to the carefree time?”

He clearly couldn’t bear the tears desperately, but in the end the tears still fell.

Falling on Irene’s face, Irene was very shocked.

She has never seen him cry since she was a child.

In the eyes of others, he is a hard-hearted prince.

One can imagine how heartbroken he was in her situation.

“Brother Jie.” She whispered: “Don’t blame yourself, I’m fine.”

Jacob looked at Irene in surprise, and it turned out that Irene could still speak.

“Irene… can you talk?” He kissed her forehead with excitement.

“When you can see it, I’ll kneel durian for you. Abacus and keyboard are also fine, okay?”

Irene said: “I’m just a little weak and blind. I can hear and speak. Brother Jie, don’t blame yourself, okay?”

Jacob rubbed her into his arms, “You are always so kind.”

Irene smiled and said: “I am not kind, in their eyes, I am the devil.”

Jacob patted her head, “Tell me what bad things you devil did?”

Irene racked his brains and thought about it, “Anyway, I’m fierce and sassy. I can beat and beat, and everyone else is afraid of me.”

Jacob praised: “Well, it’s better to be aggressive. Then no one would dare to bully my baby.”

Irene: “…”

“You used to call me a devil.”

Jacob: “…”

Holding Irene’s hand, he slapped his mouth fiercely, “After I am amnesia, I have become neither foresight nor IQ.”

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