Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1190

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Chapter 1190

Irene chuckled.

When Jacob saw her suddenly smile, he would smile heartily.

He picked her up at once and said: “Let’s go, let’s take a shower.”

Irene buried her head on his chest, very shy.

Jacob wanted to tease her, “By the way, Faith and I went to the mall a few days ago and bought you some beautiful pajamas. I will wear them for you later, okay?”

Irene’s face was as ashamed as a monkey butt, and those pajamas were leaky and leaky. Clearly it is love underwear.

“No.” She protested.

In the bathroom, there was soon a cheerful slapstick.

That night, Irene nestled in Jacob’s arms and slept particularly peacefully.

The next day.

Irene came to the Calendar Garden early in the morning.

With the ding dong of the door, Jacob thought it was someone who had an important matter, but when he opened the door of the villa, he saw Irene lazily leaning on the door frame.

Jacob suddenly exploded, “Why are you here again?”

Seeing that Jacob was about to close the door, Irene hurriedly got in through the gap in the doorway, and then said with a grin, “I’ll see my Lingbao.”

Said it was a visit, it was obviously that he was worried about Jacob’s taking care of Irene, and said that he came to check Jacob’s work.

Irene sits on the garden balcony in the living room. There is a suspended oval rocking chair. Irene is half lying in it. She wears a hooded cloak. The cool wind blows the fringed fox fur, which makes her look smart. Like a fox.

Irene ran to the balcony and looked at Lingbao carefully. The tip of his nose occasionally smelled a faint fragrance of flowers, which was the faint fragrance from Irene’s clothes.

Irene had to admit that Jacob had taken care of Irene very well.

He is such a cruel and domineering man, who even dressed Irene so delicately. He also put on light earrings for Irene. Simply refreshed his three views.

When Jacob cooked the breakfast and carried Irene to the dining room, Irene also followed him cheeky.

Seeing the sumptuous western food, Irene slobbered: “Just so, I didn’t eat breakfast either.”

Jacob said in a huff: “I’m coming next time, I’ll come over with breakfast, I have no time to be yours.”

Irene was a little speechless.

“What kind of hospitality is this?”

Irene picked up the pancake in front of him and was snatched by Jacob when he first involved the fresh and tender vegetables.

He wrapped almost all the fresh vegetables on the plate into the pancakes. Irene couldn’t see it anymore, and he vomited: “Stingy. Don’t be afraid of breaking your stomach.”

Jacob glared at him.

Then he handed the pancake in his hand to Irene’s mouth, and said softly: “Irene, eat cabbage pancake.”

Irene picked up the pancakes on the plate and bit into it.

When he wanted to drink, he reached out and picked up the milk glass on the table. Jacob said: “That is Irene’s.”

Irene looked at the empty table in front of him and asked with a drooping face, “Then what shall I eat?”

Jacob said: “Good hands and feet. Do it yourself.”

“I am a guest.”

“Except for Irene, I don’t serve anyone.” Jacob said.

Irene stood up suddenly and walked to the kitchen.

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