Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1191

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Chapter 1191

Outside the calendar garden gate, two luxury cars were parked in the ground parking lot of the villa garden one after another.

Janice wore sunglasses, chewed gum, and walked out of the car in a sexy camisole.

Then stepping on Hentiangao, swaying in front of the black luxurious Rolls-Royce car behind. He knocked on the car window and called out, “Big Brother.”

The windows and doors of the car slowly slid down, and Jason had a charming face of an iceberg, looking at Janice very speechlessly.

“Yeah.” The prankster answered.

Janice originally thought it was Jacob’s car, so the driver must be Jacob. But she never expected that the driver would be a dead man.

She hasn’t seen him in more than three years. Jason has gone from a reticent autistic child to an elegant and beautiful boy. The eyebrows and eyes already carry the charm of a small adult, especially the cold temperament of Jason who is thousands of miles away, which is simply a copy of the Jacob of the year.

Janice screamed in surprise, “Jason.”

Jason frowned and replied faintly, “Why are you still so neurotic.”

Then he walked out of the car gracefully and walked towards the villa door.

Janice was choked hard.

“This kid, taking advantage of me, and still scolding me? It’s getting more and more unreasonable.”

Janice chased after him, with a hand improperly hooked on Jason’s shoulder, and teased him with a smile, “Jas, let me tell you, I heard that your mommy’s condition is very serious. Don’t mess with it. Mommy is not happy, you know?”

Jason unceremoniously threw her hand away, and then stood in front of Janice. He developed extremely fast, and his height had already crushed the tendency of Janice who was 1.7 meters tall. However, his natural and powerful aura completely killed Janice in a second.

“Don’t touch me in the future.” Jason announced earnestly.

Since childhood, he didn’t like anyone touching him.

Janice also knowingly committed the crime, stretched out her hand and squeezed her face, “I am your aunt, why can’t I touch you?”

After Jason swept his legs, Janice tripped and fell to the ground by him, screaming with pain that made her grinning.

“Jason, you are ruthless.”

Jason was slightly startled, he didn’t understand why he had such a big reaction.

But thinking that if he didn’t teach her a lesson, she would have to make progress in the future, and the guilt in Jason’s heart would disappear and go away.

When he came to the closed door of the villa, Jason stretched out his finger and entered his fingerprint, and the door slowly opened.

After Jason entered the house, he looked back and saw Janice climbed up embarrassedly and ran towards the gate.

Jason’s face was dark, and the door closed with a bang.

Janice was dazed: “This kid… just touched you? As for?”

In the sofa area in the living room, everyone was shocked by the sudden loud closing sound.

Jacob could even feel Irene’s body trembling slightly, frowning. Looking at the coming Jason, he said, “Jas, close the door and be gentle. Don’t scare Mommy.”

Jason congealed on the spot, seeing the weak mom, nodding in shame, “Yes.”

At this time, there was a rapid sound from the doorbell outside.

Jason turned a deaf ear, went straight to sit down next to Mommy. He took Mommy’s hand and said softly: “Mommy, Jas came to see you.”

Irene smiled.

Reached out and stroked Jas’s handsome face, and said, “Is Jas exactly the same as when Daddy was a child?”

“Yeah.” Jason smiled while holding Mommy’s hand.

The doorbell continued for a long time. Jacob and Irene turned their eyes to Jason, and Jacob asked, “Jas, who did you shut out?”

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