Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1192

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Chapter 1192

“A neurotic.”

Irene didn’t mean to open the door when she heard this.

Jacob’s face was dark, and he sighed, “Is it aunt?”

Jason nodded reluctantly.

Irene was dumbfounded. Get up quickly and open the door.

Janice was barefoot, holding Hengtiangao’s sandals in her hands, and when the door opened, she broke in to clean up.

“Shu Su, you bastard, I haven’t seen you for a few years. It doesn’t matter if I saw my aunt without a smile, you still tripped me. I fell so that my a$s hurts for a long time.”

She chased after Jason, Jason jumped, and jumped into the corridor on the second floor with a backflip.

Janice was dumbfounded, “You are a monkey? What do you do for jumping so high?”

Jason said: “I don’t like others touching me.”

Janice said, “Damn, I’m your aunt, you won’t lose ears if I touch you.”

Aunts and nephews quarreled when they met, which was normal before.

But he didn’t expect that three years later, my aunt and nephew would still be noisy when they met.

Jacob was afraid that the room was too noisy, which would affect Irene’s rest. He reprimanded with a black face, “Stop it all for me.”

Janice and Jason only returned to the sofa area.

Janice sat down next to Irene and chatted with Irene endlessly.

“Sister Irene, you have always been strong, why is this serious illness so serious?”

Irene glanced at Jacob, pointing at Sang Huai and said, “It’s not someone yet, my ears are soft. If I listen to other people’s rumors, I will run away from home.”

Zhan Han stood up quickly, “I’ll go buy a durian.”

Irene teased him, “Where is one durian enough? You buy all the durians on the market, and if you kneel down and rotten all the durians, my sister will forgive you.”

Irene feels distressed that Jacob has become the target of public criticism, and the clever Irene immediately changed the subject, “Janice, you came just right today, and you will go to the back garden with me. I have some whispers to tell you.”

Jacob tied the cloak to Irene, and then carried her to the wheelchair.

Janice looked at the tightly dressed Irene. She was wearing a long-sleeved dress inside and a thin cloak on the outside. Although it looks very beautiful, it feels a bit out of date.

Looking at her short suspender skirt again, Janice couldn’t help teasing: “Brother, this is the early autumn, why are you dressing so thick for Sister Irene?”

Jacob wrapped Irene’s cloak around his chest and said: “Your sister Irene is afraid of the cold. Also, you want demeanor, not temperature, and wear too little.”

It is early autumn, and the weather is slightly cool in the morning and evening, which is the season of random dressing. However, Irene and Janice stood together, they were the thickest and thinnest people, and they looked very abrupt.

Janice pushed Irene out, muttering along the way: “Sister Irene, has my brother recovered his memory, why did he suddenly take you so much?”

Irene nodded, “Yes.”

Janice stepped suddenly.

Jacob recovered his memory, which meant that the answer to the puzzle hidden in his heart would soon be revealed.

Irene seemed to have guessed Janice’s thoughts, and said earnestly: “Xianxian, the answer to the question you want to know, in fact, I already knew it. I called you out today just to tell you the answer.”

Janice waited for the answer to this question for too long.

So that when she heard the answer to this question, she became very calm.

“Sister Irene, you say.”

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