Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1199

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Chapter 1199

When Jason drove the Rolls-Royce towards the high-speed exit, he saw the vehicle being checked by J and stopped the car behind him calmly.

Faith was nervous, “Brother, you are not 18 years old, but you drive illegally.”

Jason raised his driver’s license, Faith’s eyes widened, and saw that Jason was 18 years old on the driver’s license.

It is clearly a fake driver’s license!

Faith is still worried, “Who would believe that you are 18 years old?”

Jason said: “Walk and see.”

At this moment, J came over and knocked on Jason’s car window.

“Driver’s license.”

Jason handed him the driver’s license, and Jiao J glanced at Jason, then glanced at the interior of the car, and waved to Jason when he found no abnormalities.

“Let’s go.”

Faith was dumbfounded.

Rolls Royce rushed to the high speed steadily, and Faith had not yet come out of the panic.

She sighed and exclaimed: “Brother, it must be your icy-faced face, which makes people feel too anxious. That’s why people believe that you are an adult.”

Jason retorted, “Isn’t it because my proud height gives people the illusion?”

Faith was stunned.

When it comes to height, it’s Faith’s flaws.

Obviously He Jas is triplets, but Jas is one meter seven. And she was only 1.5 meters.

Jason glanced at the depressed Faith from the rearview mirror, and said, “Don’t be inferior. It’s not just that you are not as tall as us.”

Faith was hit so hard that she could not love him, and fell directly on the back seat.

Although what Jason said was ugly, it was true.

Although she is beautiful, she is not like Jasson’s face.

Although she is smart and easy to learn, she is not a talented scholar like Jason Derek.

Jason said again: “So, ordinary people like you only need to learn to be strong.”

Faith said weakly: “If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as dumb.”

Jason said coolly: “I don’t even bother to teach her when I change to another person.”

Faith grabbed her hair, “So I should be grateful to you if I was hit by you?”

“Shouldn’t it be?”

Faith ao.

When the brothers and sisters arrived at the Calendar Garden, they saw several workers standing in front of the plaque, leaning on a staircase, and discussing something.

Jason and Faith got off.

Faith looked at the workers suspiciously and asked, “Uncles, what are you doing?”

“Change the plaque.”

“Why change? Isn’t the calendar garden nice?”

Jason looked at the new plaque, which was engraved with the words Wuyou Garden.

Jason said: “Worry-free garden is better.”

“Worry-free Garden? So tacky.” Faith smacked her lips.

Jason knocked a hot chestnut on the back of Faith’s head, “Will Daddy’s name be tacky?”

“It’s really tacky! But why did Daddy suddenly change his name?” Faith asked curiously.

Jason said: “From now on, people who come here can only report good news, but not bad news.”

Faith had an epiphany, “Huh? What does Wuyou mean?”

Jason nodded.

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