Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1205

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Chapter 1205

On Janice’s side, ice and snow enveloped him.

Irene is over there, but the years are quiet!

Jacob’s double standard made Irene very indignant. He glanced at the phoenix who was so scared that he was sitting on his body like a mollusk, and said, “Don’t be afraid. When your brother asks you to settle accounts after autumn, All the guilt is pushed to Irene. I don’t believe it, can his wife really get angry with Irene?”

Janice looked at the scene of Jacob Irene’s intimate nestling, Jacob’s eyes were gentle as water. Those sharp edges can’t be removed so cleanly.

Janice suddenly felt that Irene’s words were particularly reasonable. With a backer like Irene, Janice had the courage to stand up straight.

“Sister Irene, I’m sorry. To protect yourself, Xianxian can only betray you.” Janice said.

Jason paled Janice, “Shameless.”

Janice: “…”

At this time, Jacob suddenly shouted: “Jas.”

Jason shifted his steps, put his hands in his trouser pockets, and walked towards Jacob with a lazy and dignified manner.


“You help me take care of Mommy. Daddy went to visit Uncle Jincao and will be back soon.”

Jason nodded, “Yeah.”

After Jacob left, the high-strength pressure enveloped in the waiting room was instantly relieved.

Janice and Irene immediately walked to Irene, Janice fell directly on Irene, and the ghost cried out: “Sister Irene, you want to save me. The eyes of the eldest brother just now were too scary. He will definitely take advantage of you. Killed me while paying attention!”

Jason Jiang Ling Ling’s wheelchair retreated suddenly, and Janice staggered and knelt on the ground.

Janice glared at Jason, “Jas, what are you doing?”

Jason sternly said, “In front of my mommy, I can only report good news but not worry.”

Faith helped her elder brother tell Janice, “Auntie, you know my mommy is not in good health, why do you want mommy to worry about you?”

Janice was so ashamed that she wanted to find a place to sew in.

However, Janice felt that something was wrong again, and she soon remembered.

She got up from the ground, and said confidently: “Your mommy is not tofu brain, where is it so untouched? I think your mommy had a thicker skin than a city wall, and her heart capacity was solid. As long as your dad didn’t mess with it She, who can destroy your mommy a little bit, the old lady will give her the last name?”

Irene also agreed: “Yes, it is your daddy who killed Mommy like this, you should go to your daddy to settle the account.”

Jason said, “The ignorant is innocent.”

In other words, the mistakes Jacob made after his amnesia can be forgiven.

Janice Irene was shocked by Jason’s double mark again.

“Sure enough, if there is a father, there must be a son.” Irene said.

Janice and Irene looked very objective, calm and rational when looking at Irene’s illness.

However, Jacob was overly nervous about Irene’s body, and it was inevitable that he would be overprotected.

Jason clearly knew that Daddy was suspected of overprotection, but Jason wanted to indulge Daddy.

Irene Yuanchang said: Jas, don’t make trouble for Auntie. Mommy and aunt will be happy when chatting together. “

Janice You Irene backed up, and suddenly surrendered to the victory posture.

Jason Xiemei smiled, and Janice’s smile condensed in her eyes.

Jas laughed, really coquettish, but why did it give people a dark feeling of manipulating everything?

Jason pushed Irene’s wheelchair back in front of Janice, and then he sat next to his mummy, pulling Faith next to him to sit down, so Janice had to sit two places far away.

Janice couldn’t laugh or cry.

Jason’s evil hand stretched out and made a “please” gesture.

Janice: “…”

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