Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1206

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Chapter 1206

How to talk so far apart?

Upstairs, the ward with strong grass.

When Jacob opened the door of the ward, he saw Jin Cao lying there lifelessly with a tube stuck in his body. Jacob’s heart hurts like a knife.

He walked over and sat on the chair next to the bed, gently stroking the dense needles on his arm.

Pain and guilt overflowed in the eyes, “Jingcao, thank you for protecting me with your body that day. Thank you.”

The doctor walked into the ward and explained to him the situation of Jincao, “The life characteristics are stable, but I don’t know why I haven’t waked up.”

Jacob’s expression was solemn. Holding the hand of Jincao, perhaps the emotion is too agitated, so that it is a little hard.

Jin Cao’s fingers trembled lightly in his palm.

Jue Zhan Han was aware of the subtle movements of Jin Cao, and he asked Jin Cao excitedly, “Jin Cao, can you hear me?”

Jincao’s long eyelashes trembled.

Jacob commanded domineeringly: “Jingcao, I command you, you must wake me up.”

The doctor was pleasantly surprised, “President, Jin Cao is conscious, this is really a good thing. I think he will wake up soon after thinking about it.”

Jacob nodded.

When Jacob returned to Irene, seeing the excitement on their faces, Jacob knew that Tan Xiaoyu’s operation was very successful.

“Irene, you can let go of your heart now.”

Irene said joyfully: “Yes.”

“Then can we go home?”

“I suddenly feel a little hungry, Brother Jie, I want to eat your dessert.”

Jacob raised his wrist to look at his watch. At this time, Irene would never be hungry before.

Realizing something, Jacob cast his stern eyes on Janice, “What did you eat for breakfast?”

The impatiens shrank into quail, “soy milk fritters.”

Jacob’s eyes turned cold, “You give Irene this kind of nutritious food?”

Janice grieved and said, “It’s the meal that Sister Irene ordered.”

Irene stretched out her hand to pull Jacob, and then tapped Jacob’s finger playfully, “Brother Jie, don’t blame Janice. It’s my glutton. I can’t stand the temptation of the roadside fritters.”

You Tiao at the roadside stall?

Jacob frowned.

Although Irene said something wrong, her fingers did not stop being naughty. Jacob saw her slender and beautiful fingers dancing in his palm like an elf, and suddenly remembered the finger dance created for him by Irene when he was a child.

The anger disappeared.

Suddenly she picked up Princess Irene, and then strode forward.

Guan Xiao and Ye Feng returned to Media Asia.

Irene and Janice leaned behind Jacob and wanted to have a big meal.

Faith stayed in place and stared at the back of Ye Feng’s elder brother, Jason walked away with Faith’s neck.

“Do you want to be the master stone?” Jason asked.

Faith blushed with shame, and quickly dragged Mommy’s wheelchair away.

A group of people walked like a hospital door.

Jacob’s long legs are windy when he walks. But when he walked out of the hospital door, he suddenly stopped.

An old lady in plain clothes tremblingly helped a girl with a disheveled hair and limping walking.

Seeing Jacob, the dry pupil of the old woman had a look of pity.

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