Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1246

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Chapter 1246

The mysterious nine palace of military affairs in the north is located in this mysterious palace in the mountains of Wei Wei.

In the mysterious Hall of Nine Military Affairs in the north, the computer room was glowing with blue light at this moment.

It was a high-tech computer, and all the information entered by the keyboard was projected directly in the air in front of the eyes in the form of blue light.

And the man sitting in front of the computer was a wicked man who looked about thirty-five years old, with almost bloodless skin and a pair of Ruifeng eyes.

Suddenly a mission card appeared on the screen, and the man tapped it slightly. After seeing the content of the mission card, the man’s Ruifeng eyes suddenly sank.

“Come here!” the evil man shouted in a deep voice.

There was also a middle-aged servant who was slightly bloated and crouched in the room. After hearing the voice of the enchanting man, he respectfully said: “Mr. Enchanting, what’s your order?”

“Call him here.”

The male servant was startled slightly, and then suddenly realized.

In recent years, Mr. Devil has always called everyone by his first name, but he has a different feeling for the child he picked up three years ago.

The male servant did not dare to neglect, turned and left.

The Nine Divisions of Military Intelligence is the most extraordinary spy organization in the world.

There are 13 top S-level agents and hundreds of 3A-level agents here. Not to mention other B-level, C-level agents are numerous.

The 9th Department of Military Intelligence can have the most outstanding agents in the world, and of course it is inseparable from the special training mechanism here.

In the training ground here, the children have been splashing blood and sweat since they were young, and the devil must be trained to make them unable to distinguish between day and night. In their world, there is only one word: win.

The selection and promotion mechanism here is so cruel that it is almost inhumane. The new kid can choose to attack through training. After winning the champion, he can become the new champion. Waiting for others to challenge him.

And the failed challenger has to be reduced to a newcomer and begin the devil training day and night.

But these thirteen challengers did not know where they found the non-human steel warriors. For so many years, almost no one can beat them.

Except for the kid that the evildoer personally picked up three years ago!

After a year of devil training, the child began to attack and successfully won thirteen champions.

He is a natural warrior.

The perfect combination of strength, boxing, and wisdom is the invincible embodiment.

In the past three years, although he has been in the Military Intelligence Hall, he has successfully helped many foreign agents complete their missions. He is the only 5s-level agent and a gem of the global agent industry.

When the enchanting servant found him, he was lying on the high ridge of the roof. With a dog’s tail and grass in his mouth, the peach-eyed eyes that look like a smile but not a smile are slightly raised, and a handsome face is simply fascinating and enchanting.

“Child, come down.” The male servant beckoned to him.

The handsome face of the young man wore a beautiful Jiyue smile, like a ghost, flying down!

Silent on the ground.

“Uncle Fang, what can you do with me?”

The male servant’s cold face has a hint of temperature. This child belongs to the solar system. His smile is very sweet and he is very polite-if you ignore his self-made ghostly skills, it is very horrifying. .

“Child, Mr. Enchantress wants to see you.”

“Oh, I’ll go right away.”

Before long, the handsome and flawless teenager came to the computer room.

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