Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 998

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Chapter 998


Hearing this, Yang Mingpeng’s complexion changed drastically.


This is impossible. His brother had talked to him not long ago. How could his elder brother have died?

“Dad, what happened? How did my brother die? Who killed him?” Yang Mingpeng looked at his father in horror.

Do not know why.

Shaun’s words also echoed in his mind.

“Your brother? He is dead!”


Thinking of this, Yang Mingpeng only felt his body tremble.

You are right!

Shaun said his brother was dead, and it is true.

He said your dad will slap you, it also turned out to be true!

The Yang family also knocked their heads to apologize and gave a big gift.

That guy was right!

How can this be?

“Shaun!” Yang Mingpeng’s eyes were staring at his father, and there were endless panic and disbelief in his eyes:

“Dad! Is my brother’s death related to Shaun?”

“You apologized to Elvira and gave her our main asset. Is it also related to this guy?”



When Yang Mingpeng said these words, the sweat on his forehead, as if he had opened a faucet, was densely dripping down.

A trace of fear from Shaun began to fill his heart.

Especially after he saw his father nodded.


Yang Mingpeng’s eyes went dark, and he almost fainted.

“How could this happen! That Shaun, isn’t he a little son-in-law of the Bai family in Jiangshi? How could he kill my brother and frustrate the Yang family! How could this be possible!”

Yang Mingpeng was almost wet with cold sweat.

In his expression, he was not believing this at all.

And seeing this scene.

Yang Tianhao on the side lowered his head and said in horror:

“Just an hour ago, Shaun visited our house!”

“Do you know who are the people who follow him?”


Yang Mingpeng was taken aback. He didn’t expect that Shaun still knew someone in Jiangnan City.

Especially, someone who can make his father fears so much is even more incredible.

“Dad! Who are the people Shaun leads?”

Yang Mingpeng looked at his father while his heart was thumping.

“The people he leads are the richest man Ma Yonghe and the eight chaebols!”


Yang Tianhao’s words stunned Yang Mingpeng.

The richest man Ma Yong and the eight big chaebols are the masterminds, each of them is no weaker than his father.

But, just like this, how could he conquer his Yang family and kill his brother.

This is more than that.

Yang Tianhao continued word by word:

“Besides, there is number one Liu Zhen as well!”


Hearing Liu Zhen’s name, Yang Mingpeng shuddered.

This number one is a real figure covering the sky with only one hand in Jiangnan.

Yang Mingpeng’s heart beat faster, and the shock in his eyes grew thicker.

However, to his horror, his father still did not finish speaking, and continued:

“And the two gods of war dragon and tiger!”


After hearing the names of Dragon and Tiger, Yang Mingpeng involuntarily took a breath, he only felt that his scalp was about to burst.

Dragon and Tiger!

Two horrible existences among the Eight Great War Gods of China.

These two people, let alone in Jiangnan, even in China, are top personalities, how could they follow Shaun.

This completely subverted Yang Mingpeng’s cognition.

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