Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1274

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Chapter 1274

Yu Sheng was so angry that he scratched his hair. This man was so calm when he died, and he really wanted to suspect that some god in the sky had come down, and he was so crazy.

“Oh, cowardly, isn’t it? Since you are afraid of scaring her, don’t call out when you are peeling your skin.”

Yu Sheng waved his hand, and the guards behind him immediately surrounded Jacob and the others.

Guan Xiao came to Jacob almost at lightning speed, protecting the master behind him.

Yu Sheng was stunned: “Is it a practitioner?”

The eagle’s eyes sank, “Take a hand, grab them all to me, I want to interrogate them well.”

These guards in Yujiazhai may be in order to be unobtrusive. They select young men with less skill.

Guan Xiao alone knocked them all to the ground.

Yu Sheng frowned, and yelled at his unfilial son, “Yu Chengqian, this idiot, is not to say that these six tourists, one blind, one sick, and two counselors. The remaining two men who are slightly more useful, also Was it dragged down by his pig teammates? They arrived at a platoon of Laozi alone. Go. Call that bastard over and let him solve the trouble here.”

Yu Qian was shocked…

“Master, because of such a thing, if you let me disturb the young master’s drunk life and dream, you will be cut into a stick by the young master.” Yu Qian said bitterly.

Yu Sheng became irritable when he heard the words Zui Shengmeng and Death. His son has become depraved since he came back from a mission three years ago.

Yu Shengyu said suddenly: “You are stupid, don’t you know how to brag? You…you tell him that the martial arts of these two men are superb and defeated him with just one move.”

Yu Qian was stunned.

This lie is too fake…Master’s martial arts, that is the grandmaster’s origin, was a lonely hero who crossed the line of arms and swept through the army.

His martial arts have reached the realm of Dugu seeking defeat.

“What are you still trying to do? Get out.” Yu Sheng said angrily.

The remaining money dared not be stranded anymore, so he hurriedly invited Yu Chengqian to end.

Yu Sheng looked at a bunch of disabled and sick people on the ground, and couldn’t bear to look directly. “Let you usually more practice and more practice, you are the love opportunistic. Well now, is someone else to beat it?”

“Master, his martial arts are too good. Even the young master may not be able to beat him.”

“Go and go, you treat me as blind. Can his martial arts of the three-legged cat compare to the young master?”

Yu Sheng stood for a while, and was a little sleepy, so he ordered his servants, “Go and bring old master’s recliner. I will be at the door today, waiting for Yu Chengqian to clean up the mess.”

After the people brought his recliner, he was really stuck at the door of the courtyard. It is a posture of a man who is in charge.

Janice asked Jacob in a low voice, “Brother, what shall we do?”

Jacob raised his voice and said: “They are hospitable, then we will stay.”

Yu Sheng was choked by his optimistic and natural mentality. Following Jacob’s words, he insinuated and said: “Yes, right, right, stay, there will be a pig-killing show tonight, you can watch the show.”

Someone wants to compare with Jacob’s tongue, it must be tired of living and seeking death.

Jacob replied: “There must be a lot of pigs in this mountain, of different breeds. There are breeding pigs, guinea pigs, and local pigs-I don’t know which one tastes good?”

Yu Sheng spouted all the tea in his mouth.

Jue Zhan Han gave a ferocious look, “You kid, you are crazy.”

Jacob said: “Thank you for the praise.”

Jacob was calm and relaxed and scolded Yu Sheng for several rounds, but Irene’s back was scared into a cold sweat.

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